Best CBSE Schools in Assam.

Best CBSE Schools in Assam. And Also About Full Details

CBSE School Assam


1. Sainik School-

One of the best schools of Assam was established on 12th November 1964. The Sainik School Goalpara (Assam) helps prepare boys physically, mentally and as well as academically for entry into National Defance  Academy. The students here are taught to develop their body , mind , and character and to lead a disciplined life .The Sainik School Goalpara aims at removing regional imbalance in officer cadre of Defence services and highly supports in bringing public education to the reach of common people of India. This school has a staff strength of 50 for a total of 666 students .Students here get the opportunity to compete among themselves through class tests and weekly tests. Liberal Scholarships are sanctioned to the students by the state and central Governments.Students are provided with  facilities for all kinds of games , sports, extracurricular and co-curricular activities. The Sainik School Goalpara tries its best to secure the futures of all students who are a part of it.

Address-  Goalpara , P.O.Rajpura , Assam – 783233

Contact no- 03663- 287076.


2. Army School–

It is one of the well-known schools of Assam. The School consists of best Lab facilities, experienced teachers with quality teaching, hostel facilities and transport facilities. The students of Army School has the best academic levels and are utmost disciplined.The Army School Assam is an English medium school with coed type education.

Address- Narangi , Satgaon , Guwahati , Dist Kamrup , Assam – 781027

Contact no-2641024.


3. Shemrock Crayons–

The Shemrock Crayons has an experience of 20 years and more than 1,00,000 alumni. This School is managed by Foreign qualified and renowned educationists. Shemrock Crayons provides colorful , chirpy and air conditioned classrooms , Orientation programs by experts , Free inter – branch transfer , Use of innovative techniques , student-friendly  educational environment as well as Excellent senior schools admission results . A series of sought-after books has also been developed exclusively  for the Shemrock children. Shemrock Crayons also provides parenting articles like  health articles, education articles , money matter articles.

Address- 11 , Dilip Huzui Path , Super Market , Dispur , Guwahati Assam – 781006

Contact no- 9864177757.


4. Delhi Public School–

The Delhi Public School Guwahati caters to fulfill the need of education for common man and with a motto ” Service Before Self “.The DPS society has the experience of six decades. The students of DPS are trained to focus on their intellectual , physical , mental , emotional , spiritual and as  well as on aesthetic level. The teachers of DPS are highly talented and have a teaching experience of more than 20 years. DPS consists of 60 teachers along with more than a thousand students. Students growth is taken care through proper counseling and career guidance. DPS provides best facilities for transport of its students. It also maintains a proper parent-teacher meeting record which helps in the development of individual students.

Address- Ahom Gaon, NH 37, Guwahati

Contact no- 03751-2340594.


5. Don Bosco School–

The Don Bosco School imparts best education by cultivating in students habits of piety , virtue and discipline . The Don Bosco School  enriches students knowledge about religion , reason and loving kindness . Education at Don Bosco is imparted by highly talented and experienced teachers . Don Bosco School has a staff strength of 57 and student staff of more than 1000.

Address- Shashipur , Daranga dist , Nalbari

Contact no- 03624-284390.


6. Carmel School–

The Carmel School Assam aims to impart knowledge of Truth , Love and Divine to the students .It helps students to emotionally mature and become morally upright. The students of this school are provided with both academic educationand creative knowledge. The teachers of Carmel School have a teaching experience of more than 15 years. Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are also give same importance as that of academic education.

Address- Cinnamara, Jorhat, Assam

Contact no- 0376-2360355.