4 Tips to Write the Perfect Answer in CBSE Board Exams

4 Tips to Write the Perfect Answer in CBSE Board Exams

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4 Tips to Write the Perfect Answer in CBSE Board Exams


Presentation of words in the answer sheet matters a lot in the board examination, especially in the CBSE board examination. Writing a right answer or an appropriate answer along with presentation matters a lot because it should be visually attractive toward the examiner. The meaning of that line is that the examiners should not have to pay any extra efforts to mad create answer script of your answer and it also helps you to create a good score.


Here in the below article, we are providing where are tips and suggestions for you who should follow for creating a great answer and present it in a very attractive way towards the examiner.


Process to Underline


It is important to underline and heading awesome that you are included in your respective answers. It will make sure work at an active answer and also needs fewer efforts of the examiner to check it clearly which may create a positive impact towards the examiner.


Use Your Right side area for Rough Work


You can draw a 2-inch border towards your right side of your page and use it for your rough work if you will use this area of your paper for work it may look it shabby. So use the only right side of your answer paper for a work.


Increase Pictographic Content


You should use diagrams tables charts etc as to bring the possible solution. It makes your content attractive and also noticeable towards your examiner.


Write your content in a legible Writing


Do not make your words lazy. Use highlighted headers and some headers for making your answer attractive you also go for various types of bullet points to make it clearly uniform and attractive. If you have to cut a single word for an answer using only a single line with the help of your pen and do not try to sleep or scratching on your wrong words it may make your work very unclean and create a negative impact on the examiners.


Do so good to write question numbers properly the numbers of the questions should be visible clearly.

Provide enough space to every question and not to make it not too close or not so far away.