Which one is better CBSE or ICSE

Which one is better CBSE or ICSE patterns and advantages and disadvantages


Which one is better CBSE or ICSE patterns and advantages and disadvantages

Education is the most important part of People in India. Whenever Parents are very devoted of their kid’s studies and they are discourse automatically turn towards their studies! Education Is the pillar for a better future and it is definitely a good thing. In our country parents are always tried to provide best education to their children, but they are always some confusion to choose between CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) boards. Very Few people know what are the difference between CBSE and ICSE patterns and advantages and disadvantages of their Education Patterns. Thus there are some details about both education patterns which will help you to choose right pattern for your child.


Merits of CBSE Board

  1. In India CBSE is more popular as compared to ICSE

The main reason behind its popularity is that it is older and recognized by Indian government while ICSE is not. Many schools follow CBSE pattern, syllabus and education methods. If you are switching to a new city in India. This CBSE pattern syllabus will help your child during admission. Though ICSE has also became popular CBSE has is own secret image. Even outside the India you can find many CBSE pattern Indian schools than ICSE. As there are more schools of CBSE pattern in India. CBSE is recommended to those parents for their children, who have to move from one city another city in India due to their job profile.


  1. As compared to ICSE, CBSE has less syllabus volume

ICSE have more syllabus and subjects. In standard sixth an ICSE student will face 12-13 subject examination, while CBSE student will face only 5-6 subject examination.


  1. In engineering and medical field CBSE board helps more

CBSE students become more success in medical and engineering field due to its pattern and syllabus. It focused more on maths and science.


  1. Scholarship and Talent search exams in CBSE.

In CBSE there are lot of talent search examination for a students in comparison of ICSE. In India all major competitive examination are based on CBSE syllabus. For example, JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) main and JEE Advance, AIEEE (All India Enginering Examination), AIPMT (All India Pre Medical Test) etc.


Merits of ICSE Board

  1. For child’s overall growth syllabus of ICSE is more helpful

ICSE syllabus is board as compared to CBSE. It gives importance to all the fields. All the student reading in ICSE Board have opportunity to gain knowledge about the subjects for example mathematics, science, languages, art, home science agriculture, fashion designing etc. Thus ICSE has such a balance syllabus that it gives your child overall growth.


  1. ICSE provides more practical knowledge and Analytical skills

ICSE provides better analytical skills as well as it focus more on practical knowledge. So there may create any confusion while study and students may gain deep knowledge about all the subjects.


  1. ICSE, board prefers more subject flexibility

In ICSE students can choose different subjects even can select vocational courses also as per their interest but in CBSE pure academic subjects are followed by the students. All these facilities shows the advantage of ICSE.


  1. ICSE prefers more internal Assessments

ICSE gives more importance to the internal Assessments. Regulatory lab work and practical test conducted in all the subjects and good marks obtained by the students gives determine position in the world.


  1. ICSE board helps to gain specific position in management streams also

The ICSE syllabus, its pattern, its subjects and the way of teaching with practical test all are prepared in such a way that a student can easily gain a specific position in management streams also.

  1. ICSE Board certificate is recognized around the world

As compared to the CBSE board the certificate given by ICSE to the students, is recognized more around the world. The students of the ICSE board have better command on English which helps them to pass out the scholarship exams. The students of ICSE board can adjust himself easily while changing his school internationally. That’s why ICSE is recommended for parents who have to move in different countries as part of their job.


Common factors between them CBSE and ICSE

  • Both the boards, CBSE and ICSE are recognized by colleges in India.
  • In CBSE and ICSE, the main subjects are almost same.
  • Both the boards provide excellent quality of education.


Now, parents have to decide;

 CBSE and ICSE, both the boards have their own merits and demerits. Parents have       to decide according to the future and interest of their child.