5 Healthier Alternatives To Your Favourite Junk Foods

5 Healthier Alternatives To Your Favourite Junk Foods


5 Healthier Alternatives To Your Favourite Junk Foods

Junk is favorite for all children as well for some adult also but if they also cause some diseases also some of junk food cause or increase the risk of obesity,diabetes etc because the have heavy fat in it with harm your body and spoil you full diet plan so for that we provide some alternative junk food that help you to maintain your diet as well healthy for your health also so there are some 5 alternative of junk food we provide. So go for it and give  a try also

5 Healthier Alternatives To Your Favourite Junk Foods are:

1. Homemade Organic Popcorn

Junk food to replace: Store-bought popcorn

Store big and microwave pororn are very enjoyable chewing when you watching your favourite movie but you shocked to know it cause lungs diseases which is commonly called  “popcorn lung”. It is a serious and irreversible condition in which the tiny air sacs in the lungs become scarred caused by a compound named diacetyl that gives the popcorn its buttery aroma. So avoid to eat this type of thing for temporary pleasure you can use alternative of this that homemade organic popcorn it does not cause such lungs problem so keep it mind whenever you eat popcorn next time.

2.Kale Chips

Junk food to replace: Potato chips

A packet of potato chips contain so much fat that obviously harm your health. So if you concerned about your health then you can  go for alternative of this that kale chips this you may prepare at your home or if nit so you buy readymade packet of it from strike it don’t harm as potato chips harm your health

3. Sweet Potato Wedges (Baked or Roasted)

Junk food to replace: French fries

French frie are most popular fast food . it so much salt, calories, and trans fat enough that make troubled your diet plan.

For that you can maintain your die as well test so you must go for its alternative that is sweet potato wedges .it  has more antioxidants than the same amount of potatoes and make it through with olive oil and significantly less salt

4. Dried Fruit

Junk food to replace: Candy

It is most famous sweet thing to eat .Candy consists primarily of sugar, with no protein, vitamins and minerals, or fiber. Eating candy increase risk of diabetes, obesity, and tooth decay.

You can use alternative if you are diabetes patient and already have another health problem so go for dried fruit. Some of the best dried fruit apricots, raisins, dates, or figs.

5. Lime Water

Junk food to replace: Soda or cola
Soda doesn’t give any to human body it only increase the chance or risk of obesity and diabetes.if conver about health they go for its alternative that is lime water take glass of water and squeeze one lemon on it it make your health and energy also and it also provides Vitamin C and cancer-busting flavonoids.