Preparation tips for droppers and repeaters?& Also Few Things

Preparation tips for droppers and repeaters?& Also Few Things

deoppers & repeaters

Preparation tips for droppers and repeaters?& Also Few Things

Taking a drop year is a big decision and often we are scared to make the same mistakes we’ve already made. We need to learn from our experience, detect the grey areas in our study techniques and fix them. As someone who has already appeared in the exam before, you have a first-hand advantage over the students who are going appear for the first time. As a dropper/repeater these are a few things you need to keep in mind:

1) GET MENTORS/TUTORS: Often droppers commit the mistake of opting out of coaching believing that they have covered the syllabus and they only need to revise. Going for coaching helps you brush up on your basic concepts, you have access to a teacher who will clear all your doubts, you realize your weak points and can keep a check on your preparation by giving timely tests. Get started with the best coaching institute for IIT JEE/NEET with Vijay education academy, Indore. Here students are coached in a way that they not only qualify but ace their exams.

2) FOCUS ON YOUR WEAKNESS: Evaluate your past question paper, find topics that were harder, areas you thought you really did not understand at all. Focus on them develop a habit of studying areas where you require more improvement.

3) PRIORiTIZE: Some chapters are easier but do not have carry a lot of weightage. Give more time and attention to units that carry more weightage. Learn how to prioritize subjects and chapters.

4) CLEAR YOUR DOUBTS: Do not leave your doubts to be asked later. Do not skip questions in exercises and then call it complete. You will be confused when you start revising and it will cause you to panic.

5) DEVELOP A SCHEDULE: Try making a study routine, incorporate proper study breaks. Plan your revision properly.