Preparation Tips for Droppers and The Repeaters?

Preparation Tips for Droppers and The Repeaters?

deoppers & repeaters

Preparation Tips for Droppers and The Repeaters?

Hello guys, how are you? Feeling boosted up for the boards and for entrance exams too, of course! Many of you guys will opt for taking admission directly into one of your favourite colleges, or the college you get. the reason could be anything, like family conditions, your choice, etc. But the topic is for the guys who are opting for a drop to prepare for the competitive exams.

Many of you should be thinking that if you drop a year, you could surely be accomplishing your goal. Beware of this feeling, if you are just going to relax for a year or 2 then you are just wasting your time. You should actually be working hard in your dropout year than when you were a regular. The reason is very simple , if you opt to dropout then most probably you are having a dream college, in which it is difficult to get admission. So, for one year just isolate yourself, and fully concentrate on your preparation. I had a friend who is a dropper this year for a second time. Why? does he lack hardwork? Absolutely not, he is just not getting a college of his dream. SO he is opting for another drop year. While preparing for your dream don’t listen to all the talks around you, and stay focused because when you will succeed then those critics will praise you.

Anyway, there are some important points for the droppers:

1.Don’t loose focus until the very end. Relax only after coming out of the exam hall. Think of your hardwork you have been doing for a year.

2.Choose the best coaching institute available around you. Choose institute only focusing on entrance exam. “Indore people have a benefit of this, because there are too many good one there like, IIT coaching in Indore
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3.Do your homework sincerely or assignments given to you by the coaching classes.

4.Never ever bunk them intentionally. Because if you bunk one class you will be eager to do it more.

5.Self assesment is necessary.

6.Do not hesitate to ask questions, from the faculty. You are paying them for that.

7.If you are dissatisfied with the coaching , leave it immediately, and find a new one as soon as possible.



Now come the students who are repeating this year. I know it’s really hard to repeat the same class. But not a problem, just wrap up yourself, and head towards your goal again.

Your goal should be to overcome the yesterday’s failure and create a brighten tomorrow. Here are some key points for them.

1.Take help of your teachers as much as you can. Don’t hesitate please.

2.Don’t keep remembering the old memories for nothing. If you are remembering them make them your motivation.

3.Practice twice as hard from last time. If possible practice thrice too, as many times till you are satisfied.

4.Perform meditation to calm your mind.

5. Practice so hard so that even your family starts supporting you too.

6.Never give up. once you give up, it’s all over.