Carrier Prospectus Engineering - A good or bad

Carrier Prospectus Engineering Colleges – A good or bad

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Carrier Prospectus Engineering Colleges- A good or bad

With every lucrative titles many organisation providing info about the India’s best engineering colleges with the best placement records as you know that India will be very soon as the most and the largest producer of engineers in the world and with an annual output of 1.5 million engineering graduates presently it is one of the most lucrative and rewarding career choice presently available in India to top in the field of Engineering Colleges special in the private Engineering Colleges placement sugar is one of the most and the Rival thing that should be known by the student so with assured placement and hundred percent placement record here in the below article we will provide you all the best top ranking colleges with the statistical data for their minimum and maximum placement packages for the top colleges

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Placements of engineers in South India

According to a recent report by the national employability report for engineers by its third edition according to the national employability report for engineers of 3rd edition total 1.5 million engineering graduates are there and out of which only 20 persons are deemed for their suitable software jobs while other 7.49% are competent enough to employees for the year dream engineering jobs in fact the report suggested Andhra Pradesh Kerala and tamilnadu is the one of the most bottom 25 percentile SG despite of being one of the largest engineering hub has in India Engineering Institute in South India ranked only when it comes to engineering placement for their respective students

Is engineering really a very bad career for a student

So according to the above article does that mean that the engineering career is one of the worst career for a student the basic answer is for dad is no because while presenting it’s one of the worst situation as an engineer the report states that the engineering field which one of the brightest career we can see its worst and very bad situation more over here we are able to see the package for the engineers is one of the most and highest packages at the national as well as international level the key to crack crack the code for engineering placement is firstly trying to option for a good engineering Institute with an excellent academic program so while selecting A grade engineering Institute it is too much important to know all about it placement programs along with effective strategy and facultative department and the best possible future options for our own

Wild we can see in the market that all the engineering Institute provides a 100% placement record but it is not at all enough to know you about A grade college there are various situation that are challenging to understand for an engineering aspirant for selecting A Great College here in the below article we are providing all the placement related aspects that should be known to the student while selecting his dream engineering Institute so go according to the below article that are providing you info about the placement record the minimum package from that Institute for various subjects departments and the maximum package from various subject departments so go with respective data

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