4 Bollywood Movies Every Aspiring Engineer Must Watch

4 Bollywood Movies Every Aspiring Engineer Must Watch


Bollywood Movies Every Aspiring Engineer Must Watch

Bollywood Movies Every Aspiring Engineer Must Watch : If you willing to learn then you can learn from anythings or inspired yourself many people learn and get experience from travelling some get from reading books and others are from movie also. Movies are also one of the best way to learn new things because when you watch movie that motivate you to do something then you must go for that movie give something that you want so always watch such movie that inspire you and motivated you.

 5 Bollywood Movies Every Aspiring Engineer Must Watch

1.Sadda Adda
Life without dream is such that ship in big ocean have no direction where it go . because if you have dreams then you work for that to archive that particular dream or one very important thing is that dreams are not big are small they vary person to person.
Around 95% people in world no able to achieve their dream and they give and only 5% people present in who fulfill their dreams. To achieve any particular dream is not a big task when you have faith in yourself that you can do it and you have habit to never give up. If you fail this not matter but what you learn from that failure that matter so keep trying to learn from your failure every time.
In this movie also you learn this all thing what happened in that movie what happen that six boys from different different states come together and the all share a 2 BHK apartment, which they call “Sadda Adda” this film is there story.It is about how six bachelors,with have different backgrounds and personalities, live together. film show their dedication and self belief to their dreams so one can watch this movie to learn something new
2.3 Idiots
This is one the best movie or you can also see this movie 2-3 times this movie is fully based on engineering student.this movie show how you can learn practical knowledge and practical knowledge is very important that aggregate and marks and this movie clear this all things very peacefully so you can watch this movie also.
The movie will inspire you to chase your dreams in spite of what others ado and work. Most of engineering student do engineering by parental pressure but on middle of their engineering journey and they realise they take wrong decision so this movie show how can you chase your dream.

This is movie also show how you can do you want to do in your life in this move a lead actor want to achieve their dream to become traveler and photographer by struggling and see list of things one day he became it also show if you take patience and absolute succeed one day.

5.secret superstar
This movie is based o girl who became secret superstar on social media platform and she want to become a singer and but their father not allow him to do but he stuck on her dream and he fulfill her dream so you can go for it also.


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