Important Tips for the JEE MAINS-

Important Tips for the JEE MAINS-

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Important tips for the Jee Mains 2018-19 gives you the overall report analysed by our manageral and faculty team to get you notify all the major hints to get the best result for your final’s. As their is no  miracle who can give you power to get you achieve a good result without your own efforts so your focus on your work and the procedure thst you should follow are from the best team and should accurate specially for the 12th class students to get them manage their schedule and give the best for their mains preparations So, here lets come to the point that how to make a great schedule to get the optimum time for your studies

@TIP1            Stay sincere with quality and not with quantity 


Prepare with the best and do your best with the quality for your work and not the quantity as the exam have its own importance in its own so made the best schedule to get the qualitative work with the best books and publications in the market

Stay turned ON for your thoughts to get made your schedule successfull and do the hardest hardwork that you ever because hardwork is the only thing that can convert impossible innto possible

@TIP 2     

Try to made your course into small syllabus to get the best support for the finals by dividing it into three levels

  1. Level 1- HARD
  2. Level 2- AVERAGE
  3. Level 3- hardest

Get them apart your these three groups and work on them to levelise them

@TIP 3                    Practice the MCQs 


Practice about 50 MCQ,s on daily basis to get you attained your maximum paper. Use time clock to divide the time taken by every MCQ and get work on your time management to get notify your per mcq time .

@TIP 4           Attempt easy corner firstly 


Try to attempt easy one on the serial basis to get you manage your time for other so as to get attempt more and more Use your minimum time for your easiest part to get notify for your hard part

@TIP 5                Give optimum time for your boards


Utilize about 40% of your time to your board exams to get full attention to your ncert part which really have a vast impact on your jee preparations as a lots of questions are therefrom ncert only

@TIP 6              Use mock test papers published by various institutes 


Mock test paper have a lots of impact for your jee preparations it can give you a chance to analyse your work by your own to see that how much time is taken by the differrent subjects and diffferent topics it also varifies you that what may be your result in jee mains and give you a way that how much more efforts you have to made to get selected for your respective institute

@TIP 7                  Practice yourself


“Practice makes the ma perfect ” a basic thought from indians is always work. So you have to analyse yourself and made your weaknesses transform into habits for the mains and advance Various ways are their to get you analyse yourself but its depend on you only that what you want and what for you work.

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