10 Basic and Smart Tips for Self Studying

10 Basic and Smart Tips for Self Studying

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Most of the students find the process of study difficult. Students resort to different study methods, but do not get the desired result, due to this they get dissatisfied and disappointed. Of course attending classes and learning chapters are important, but it will benefit you the most if you combine it with the self study.

Here are 10 tips for self studying

  1. Time Management

    Sometimes it is difficult for a student to follow up the routine of attending school together with attending coaching classes and self study. It is recommended that you wake up early in the morning for self study. Then follow up the routine. Give your evening time to revise and review your class works.

  2. Make Schedule

    You do not just grab the book and start studying. A schedule helps you get organized and keep on track. So make a good schedule considering your study resources and also balance the school, coaching class and refreshment too.

  3. Set Goals

    Surely setting goals in your study will help you a lot. Studying for a long time, decreases the level of concentration and understanding. So setting small goals helps a lot.

  4. Refresh your mind

    Refreshment is very necessary. It helps student to study in their full potential. So you can play your favorite sport or game, it will surely refresh your brain after a stressful study. But do not overdo it.

  5. Stick to pen and paper

    Some student prefer to study online. But sticking to pen and paper to study really helps students to concentrate and remember what they have studied. Writing your answers on paper helps a lot in memorizing it.

  6. Make Notes while you study

    Notes are most important for a student. It helps you review what you have studied at a glance. It helps you before the exams when you are in rush to complete the syllabus. So make notes while you study the topics.

  7. Stay away from distractions

    Some student loose their focus and concentration in short a while. As they tend to get distracted, by their favorite show or mobile or laptops etc. Make sure to be away from such things while you study.

  8. Stop postponing your work

    Student most often postpone their study for later. Do not do that, as it disrupts your schedule and keeps you behind the time. Make sure not to postpone your study and be on time

  9. Think less and do more

    Some student tend to overthink. Thinking to do this and that without actually doing it. Keep it simple, stick to your plan and start actually doing it.

  10. Self evaluation

    Self evaluations is as important as studying any topic. It help you analyze your work and helps you make several changes in accordance when you do not get desired result. Always evaluate yourself after studying any chapter or topic.

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