10 useful tips to avoid Nervous Breakdown during Exams

10 useful tips to avoid Nervous Breakdown during Exams

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10 useful tips to avoid Nervous Breakdown during Exams

10 useful tips to avoid Nervous Breakdown during Exams : Nervous breakdown I during exam time is the major problem faced by the student who takes lot of stress of exam. Student know anything but due to stress in exam time they forget all concept and this is biggest problem d-faced by almost all student .so there are some important tips that keep you calm during exam time and you can do best in your exam


1 Exercise

This is best practice you can do during exam time it have physical level benefit and also on mental level . by exercise blood circulation in your body increase  by this stress level decrease and you feel calm and better .for that you can ride bike ,swimming,jogging etc this all keep your mind as well your body healthy.

2 Sleep Well

Sleep is rest for your entire body so keep practice to take proper sleep before exam because on exam time all student have habit to study entire night and on day before exam they can’t sleep propre;y both due to habit they make as well due to stress so it practice that you take proper sleep day before exam. Some study show that 7 hour of sleep make your body as well mind fit.

3 Eat Healthy

Healthy eating practice make you fit during exam time don’t eat fast food eat some fruit and green vegetable and never eat heavy food day before exam.

4 Relaxation is Necessary

Relaxation is necessary for body as well as for brain . when you notice that your hearbit start very fast so close your eyes and take deep breath thi smack you normal and you can do your exam easy without stress.

5 Know when and where you learn best

Analysis yourself that what is you fit in that mean in which time you learn best at night,at early morning or at day so by this you can study productively because it vary student some student can learn on morning or some at night so know your correct time also.

6 Take Regular Breaks

Continually study make your brain stuck so keep trying to break at a particular interval of time by this your mind will not fill with the burden and it fresh and world proper;y

7 Attend classes regularly

Attending regular class has its own benefit by this you always contact with teacher and topic that’s going on class and if you start preparing for the exam you really understand all thing.

8 Note the Lectures

Making notes is best practice some student make by this you are not depending on others and be your own language you understand before exam time so keep making your own notes instead of copying to others.

9 Make a Plan

Make proper plan for study as well for yours other stuff that keep you manage your time properly

10 Revise

Revision have its own benefit.always make sure that you must be revise 2 times you learn that keep things in your mind well and you write well during exam also so keep a habit to revising at least for 2 times.


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