7 Best Tips To Crack NEET 2018

7 Best Tips To Crack NEET 2018

Exam Tips NEET

NEET National eligibility entrance test basically implemented for admission in government medical colleges of India the exam basically conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education which is to be held the month of May the exam is basically pen and paper best

The question paper contains total 180 questions out of which 90 questions are from the biology and rest of 45 and 45 questions from Physics and Chemistry each question carries 4 marks and the negative marking is also there for each wrong answer 1 marks will be deducted


It is too much hard to crack NEET exam to crack NEET for the first attempt it wants very much hard work and attention towards our work, many students crack that exam in the first attempt due to their hard work and attention so to get make a good rank in NEET 2018. It is too much important to get experts advice and better support from the facultative side so as to get a minimum chance of getting fail.

Know your syllabus very well


The syllabus for the NEET exam is like an ocean a lots of topic are there from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology to cover all the topics in a proper way, firstly clarify all the topics and the subtopics from the subjects to get make proper schedule for your final round below are some important topics you should follow.

  1. Physics: Modern Physics, Waves, Heat and Thermodynamics, Ray Optics etc.Chemistry: General Organic Chemistry (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT), Hydrocarbons, Equilibria, Bonding etc. Also, be very thorough with reactions of p-block elements.Biology:  Systematics, Genetics, Cells, Ecology and Human Health & Diseases are especially important.

Come up with essential planning


Without planning everything is waste learning is the basic requirement of any implementing criteria so you have to follow this same procedure to get better planning, firstly from the above topic you have to know all about your course after knowing about your course you have to prepare a great schedule which should be light to follow and easy for long-term use the most observable defect in schedules are seen that they are not long-term follow-able that’s why to make a light schedule.

Work on your weaker areas


It is always seen that a person is too much interested in Physics or Biology and not in chemistry it may create various complications for final result so for making your weak subject your hobby you have to work hard for that so go on your weaker section and work on them to get better results from your week section by working on your week section you are able to justify your work with hundred percent result.

Practice mock test papers


Mock test papers data conducted by various institutes very helpful for your final preparation they give you the starting ideas about how to manage your time at the time of examination, how much time you have to give to every question and specially about to you are weaker section so as to get you help at the time of examination, so go through mock tests and analyse here preparation by your own because it is the only way to analyse Avid effects.


 Study breaks

 Breaks in between the studies one of the most important aspect to get stress free mind to make your brain stress free and healthy then you have to specify breaks in your schedule to get maximum chance of getting every topic hundred percent so get minimum 15 minutes of break in every 2 to 3 hours of studies so as to rest your mind.


Health is wealth

Health is basically defined as a state of physically mentally socially and emotionally healthier
The definition basically from the Biology NCERT class 12th which defines a person’s health so to get a better health we have to provide all the requirements of human body like rest light food etc to get you healthy here at the time of examination your to schedule your work in a very healthy way so as to get promote your work till your exam day.

Be positive


The main problem arises with many of the aspirants is that they get demotivated due to a single topic so the positivity is one of the most resource able thing at the time of your preparation so to be a positive person why should use meditation and exercise in the morning time so as to get positivity till at the end of the day.

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