Best Topics for IIT Which Help Score More in Exam

Best Topics for IIT Which Help Score More in Exam

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To crack JEE MAIN and ADVANCE you need to make proper plan. About 16 lakhs students are appeared for the exam and out of those only 8000 students i.e 0.5% students get convert for IIT admission.  will help you to set proper plan to achieve your goal.

When you start preparation the first question arise in which subject you should focus more. Well, it is really depends on in which subject you are strong. It’s may be Physics, Chemistry or Maths. Most of the average students find that chemistry is easy to score because once you understand the basics and read all the formulas and theory, you can score well.

But it also varies from person to person, if your grasping power is good than you may be found that physics and maths easy. It is a general trend that every toppers get good marks in Physics and Maths rather than Chemistry.

I suggest every aspirants to find in which subject you are strong. Then join a good institute which help you to boost your preparation.  which is the best in Indore and one of the best in India will help you to reach your dream IIT.

Choosing right institute is most important thing. You have to study each topics in details and practices lots of JEE standard questions topic wise and you have to give full length mock tests.

Here I mention few topics from each domain i/e MATHS-PHY-CHEM on which JEE gives more weightage. You need to understand you to score more you need to be strong in any subjects but you have to complete the entire syllabus which is not very small, so you really need to study smart to complete it in 1or 1.5 year.




  1. Vector and measurement.
  2. Gravitation and Electrostatic
  3. Current Electricity and Heat transfer.
  4. Electromagnetic Induction, Magnetism, Wave& Sound
  5. Optics.
  6. Thermodynamics.
  7. Kinetic Theory of Gases.
  8. Rotational Dynamics and SHM.
  9. Friction and Fluid.
  10. Nuclear and Modern Physics.




  1. Most important:
  1. Application of Derivative.
  2. Limit and Continuity.
  3. Matrices and Determinants.
  4. Straight line.
  5. 3D Geometry.
  6. Probability and Statistics.
  7. Vector.
  8. Complex Number.
  9. Parabola and Ellipse.
  10. Trigonometric Ratio.


  1. Less Important:
  1. Quadratic Equation.(IMP for JEE Main)
  2. SET
  3. LOG
  4. P&C
  5. Locus.
  6. Binomial Theorem.
  7. Hyperbola.
  8. Co Ordinate Geometry.




  1. Fundamental Concept.
  2. Co- Ordination Chemistry.
  3. Alcohol, Phenols and Ethers.
  4. d and f and p and s-block elements.
  5. Hydrocarbons.
  6. Aldehydes and Ketones.
  7. Atomic Structure.
  8. Gaseous State.
  9. Chemical and Ionic Equilibrium.
  10. Thermodynamics.
  11. Solid State
  12. Amines and Alkyl and Aryl Halides
  13. Polymers and Bio molecules.
  14. Metallurgy.
  15. Surface Chemistry.


Give more mock tests, go through previous year papers. Nothing can stop you if you try hard. Remember one thing more practices will give you better result.

All the BEST!!

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