Common Preparation Mistakes of NEET/AIIMS

Common Preparation Mistakes of NEET/AIIMS

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NEET  National eligibility entrance test conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE is  an  examination for the medical seats about 54000 for Indian Medical Colleges. It is the only exam where exams in the field of medical for MBBS according to the order of Supreme Court National eligibility entrance test is the only exam preferable for the admission for MBBS across the country, the qualified students from the Neet I’ll also applicable for the private colleges across the country.

The vast course of NEET Maxell lots of issues for a single student to cover them a lot but if a proper guidance and the proper scheduling is given to a student then he is able to cover it in a proper way, so it is too much important to get a proper guidance from somewhere online or offline depends on the experience of a guide. so here, I am from the medical field and clear my medical entrance in my second attempt hear from me, you are able to get various tips what should you do for getting a proper and final good result and even what you should not do for the betterment of your result.

So here let’s come to the point and get start that what you should not to do for your final preparation.

  1. A lots of resource

As exam deals with N number of topics students basically prefer high paid coaching classes and the coaching classes always provide a lots of resources for the student which may create N number of possibilities for any student to what to do and what not to do. So do not prefer any maximum paid coaching class you may do it from any online website as well before start your preparation go through the online blogs for your preparation, tips to how to make schedule and what books you have to use for your final preparation so not to get maximum resources and work on proper guidance.

  1. Smart work better than hard work

Go smartly beside work hard because NEET have a lot of course, It is impossible to cover it in a specific amount of time so it is too much important to work smart and go according to your schedule. scheduling is one of the most important topics for a medical student, source to cover the whole course so make a proper schedule for your work and work smarter on your schedule.

  1. Bad scheduling

Many students make a proper schedule for your preparations but only some students go through the schedule but if you are unable to go through your schedule then it is impossible for you to crack NEET making schedule and follow it is one of the most important expect of your preparation follow your schedule in a proper way to get better result and work smarter on your schedule.

  1. Too many reference books

Students always roaming here and there for getting a good reference book but at last they did not get the answer of the question they prefer anyone for the answer, so go for your reference book according to your own choice you should prefer books which is more accurate and explainable for you so as to get maximum attention to every topic.

  1. Say no to mock test

Mock test have a lots of importance for any preparation, Every students who wants to prepare for medical how to go for mock test conducted by various institutes, so as to get proper guidance for your final paper here in the mock test you are able to get follow-ups for your time management proper scheduling and the way of presenting so go for mock test and work seriously on them.

  1. Not follow NCERT books

Many students do not read NCERT seriously and create various complications for any student, NCERT have all the topics cover in them so it is very important to cover every topic from the NCERT to get serious for every concept.

At  last, it’s depend on your way of presenting your preparation so make a proper schedule time management and manage your course seriously and properly because you are one of a kind.


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