How To Go About Doing Self Study for IIT JEE

How To Go About Doing Self Study for IIT JEE

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According to a famous speaker Daniel Mackler said that “When you study the wrongs you have committed before you study the wrongs done to you, you have no choice but to label yourself inherently evil, and be forced to dissociate emotionally to avoid the horrible pain in this lie.” As all, we know that it is one of the most prestigious exams in India lots of students are taking part in the exam but only of them getting admission to the dream college. So it is too much important to get the idea about how to plan study and go on top to get our dream platform. So here in the below article you will get all the ideas about how to go self without use any coaching institute so as to get proper attention towards all of our topics with our own as a self-study is one of the only space from where student can find a better command on all the required topics to get maximum chances of getting success so that come to the point.

  1. Try to made your course into small syllabus to get the best support for the finals by dividing it into three levelsLevel 1- HARD
    Level 2- AVERAGE
    Level 3- hardestGet them apart from your these three groups and work on them to levelise them.
  2. Optimum time for your boards
    Boards are the only platform for you to cover your 40% of your course in a proper way, you will get an opportunity to get notified with all the topics of JEE mains and advance so give minimum 40% time to your board exams it is the optimum required time for the board s so go through them to get better commands on your NCERT.
  1.  Mock test papers
    Mock test papers are the only platform provided by various institutes to get you notifies all the requirements for your final preparation. Here with the help of mock test paper you are able to finalize your time management, the time required for conceptual questions and various extra co-curricular activities at the time of your examination. So record your full time that you use for solving a single mock test paper so as to get idea for your final preparation do it in a very careful and sincere manner to get a hundred percent positive result.
  2. Go on quality, not quantity
    Are many of the students trying to do more and more in a specific period of time, It is not at all right procedure if you really want to go better you have to focus on your quality of your work, not on the quantity that you use for your work. So go according to your schedule and make all the topics clear in your first time to get better command on them and that procedure also use the minimum time for getting you maximum result.
  1. Scheduling
    Scheduling is one of the most important aspects of any of the Planning, so make your planning according to the schedule and make your schedule very sincerely and it should not get overdose with your work make it in a very simple way to get proper attention to what is your schedule and you are able to follow it for your long-term preparation. Schedule all of your requirement and not to skip any of your days. Today life requirements to make your work possible.

At last, I would like to conclude that all the above criteria’s it should be followed for your finals they may sincerely help you to get your planning’s affordable and make you happy with your work.

Thank you.

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