How to prepare for Olympiad exam?

How to prepare for Olympiad exam?

Exam Tips
What is an Olympiad Exam?

Olympiads are most popular and interesting competitive exam at school level. The syllabus for the exams are very much the same as the school syllabus. But these exams are bit trickier. Moreover these exams tests student’s analytical ability as well as reasoning ability.

Who conducts Olympiad Exams?

Olympiad exams are mostly conducted at school level. So in order to participate in such exams, you need to contact your school to organize these exams. Furthermore some of these also accept individual participants. Many organizations conduct Olympiad Exams in India. Some of the famous organizations conducting Olympiad Exams are listed below.

  • NSO -National Science Olympiad
  • IMO – International mathematics Olympiad
  • MTSE – Maths Talent Search Exam
  • Silver Zone
  • ICAS/IAIS – Macmillan Education
  • ASSET – Educational initiative
  • Unified Council
  • Eduheal Foundation
Tips for Olympiad exam
  • Basics

    Having strong basic knowledge of the subject is very important. As every concept follows a natural progression. Each one builds upon the knowledge you have gained and mastered from the previous concept. If you find it hard to understand the concepts, then go and pick up those old books of previous class.

  • Review Notes

    Reviewing your notes regularly would help you refresh your knowledge in the subject. Furthermore it helps in quick revision before the exams.

  • Be ahead of time

    It is sometimes difficult for a student to find time to study course subject together with preparing for Olympiad exams. A good schedule would help you be ahead of time. In fact it is a quality of a good student. You have to make your schedule keeping in mind that you include your course subjects together with Olympiads.

  • Get good resources

    It is good practice to use a combination of good books, problem sheets, previous year’s question paper, etc. Always consult your tutors for recommendation, as they know the best.

  • Work on your time in solving each question correctly

    Time is of the essence in exam, therefore train yourself in such a way that you solve all questions within time. In order to do that you have to solve different variety of problems and practice them.

  • Come up with more than one solution

    While preparing for the exam, there are many problems which have more than one solutions. Try to learn most of the ways to solve the problem. Undoubtedly, this would help you in exams. For instance, consider a problem that you have learnt, but in exam similar problem takes longer time to solve, but takes less time by using other methods.

  • Breakdown the problem into smaller pieces

    One of the best way to solve a problem, is to breakdown the problem into smaller pieces. Work on each piece and integrate to get your solution.

  • Practice

    Surely practicing a lot is very important to become expert in the subject. Try solving as many problems as possible on daily basis to achieve your goal.

Wish you a good future ahead. -Arman Alam and Team
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