How to solve questions quickly in IIT-JEE examinations

How to solve questions quickly in IIT-JEE examinations

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IIT-JEE are one of the India’s most prestigious entrance examinations regarding the career of the students and aspirants seeking admission into Indian Institute of Technologies(IIT’s) and other top engineering colleges of India. They are the most rewarding things for your career and days to come. Having strong basics in physics, mathematics and chemistry can really open up the doors for your future and beyond. They are not merely an examination but the foundation stones that you slowly lay on the way towards your bright future and life journey.

Now coming to the point: “HOW TO PREPARE FOR IIT-JEE?” remains a confusing and brain-freezing question among the aspirants. The answer seems really simple that the amount of your hard work and time management skills decides your journey throughout.

Now, studying for that particular subject is not important as analyzing and solving the question in the most agile way . You know time plays a major role in any kind of examination especially in such large scale and important exam. You must manage the time to solve all the questions in an effective way.

JEE Advanced 2018 is conducted for 2 papers – Paper I and Paper II. Candidates must appear in both the papers as it’s mandatory.
Both Paper I and Paper II have questions from 3 sections – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

The entrance test will be conducted in computer-based test mode.

Each of the two papers will be held for a duration of 3 hours.

The marking scheme may have the concept of full marks, partial marks, zero marks and negative marks.

The questions will be multiple choice or objective type and numerical in nature.
The exam will be bilingual i.e. it will be conducted in both English and Hindi.
Seeing the above criteria you might have understood that how systematic is the examination and time management means a lot .
To solve questions quickly it is necessary that you have the basic concepts being cleared by whatever means. You must study from the book first go with the baby steps even you know some topic review it again so that you have a brush up. Concepts that are cleared will help in remembering the formulas and tricks. It’s not just to mug up the formulas it’s about to understand those formulas very well.

Following points will help you to solve

the questions in better way:

Remember all the formulas : You have to remember the formulas of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. If you take time to recall the formula, you will lose the time. The easy way is to understand the formulas and solve a numerous amount of questions on it. This will help in the easy flow of solving the question.

Try to get hint from question and options :
which chapter or topic or concept is asked. Because JEE will have questions from almost all chapters of syllabus. Sometimes the options itself tell you a lot.

Stay relaxed, yet focused:
Temperament plays a vital role for success in IIT-JEE. Nervousness can decrease performance to such an extent that a student who expects and has the potential to get a top rank in JEE, fails to even qualify.

Watch you tube videos of solving a question faster:
yes it’s true internet helps a lot, you can watch several videos of solving the questions faster sometimes we doubt ourselves and make a mistake. This will help in proper execution of the question. When you something well you automatically gain confidence.

Always start with your favorite subject:

yes and keep the weakest subject for the end. Usually, students prefer to start with Chemistry (Do this only if you are good in chemistry, otherwise not) and finish it off within 40 minutes. Then, go for Physics and finish it off within 60 minutes. Devote the remaining time i.e. 80 minute for mathematics.

Make a strategy: by solving easy questions initially and then you can follow with medium questions and tough questions. This can be done by analyzing mock papers and try learning from your mistakes.

Prepare the notes: prepare a sufficient amount of notes write the correct formulae at one place. On a daily basis just go through the formulas you will remember it easily. Anything in repetition helps you to grasp the knowledge.

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