Make a Notes Is Helpful for IIT/NEET Preparation

Make a Notes Is Helpful for IIT/NEET Preparation


When we are talking about exams, like any kind, school or college, any subject Physics or Biology, we need notes. Yes! the magic word which helps us through in our every exam. Also we tend to admire the person who has amazing notes. Ever wondered, how they can do it? Well, today I will be answering that question, more specifically, the answer for the question, how to make notes for IIT-JEE exams? Behold! here comes the secret.

Simplicity is a Gift: Make your notes really simple, so that you understand them easily. This will help you remember everything even your head seems to break, the real tense moments, I mean. Complicated notes make look well intricate but lets’ face it notes are not for show, so intricacy will not help and make studying difficult.

Miser is bad: You need to buy different copies for different subjects. Also one needs to leave a few pages at the end of each chapter for extra information, those tit-bits are always helpful. So you must spend and buy a few number of copies for all the subjects.

Love Colour: The use of highlighters and sketch pens is very essential while taking notes. The varied colours helps you differentiate between topics and the amount of priorities, you want to give the chapters and the subjects and their sub parts. Also highlighting the formulas and important lines helps you to retain all the main parts.

Spacious is Nice: While writing down your notes, there must be lines left in between paragraphs, maybe three to four lines or more, depending on your hands writing. The space which you had left will not only make your notes look neat, but also you will make the notes more readable, again this will help you memorize.

Small is cute: Once all the notes are written by you, you must start simplifying it. The notes must be written in a more shorter version, you can make cue cards of the long version of the notes, this make all your notes more portable and handy.

Make your own: You take some notes in class, they are your class notes but you need to combine them with the notes you make from books and other stuff and create a final note. A fair note made by you is very important which will be complete in every possible way.

These are the best possible ways to make note, which I know about but there are others and you are free to share.

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