How to get success when choose self preparation for IIT-JEE ?

“If you see yourself as being hopeless at math, you will always have difficulty with figures…[if you] have developed an attitude that says ‘no matter what, I can’t do math’. This thought goes into your subconscious and becomes a program ( similar to a computer program), which would now run your life…what your subconscious mind believes is what you get.”

Self preparation of anything in life is an examination for your attitude for your intelligence and patience. It is good that you have your desk and chair in a quiet corner of the house, and you have decided to sit there and study between 5pm and 6pm everyday. Now what? … Self preparation is something that demands your hard work, time irrespective of what other people’s out there are doing.

IIT-JEE are one of the India’s most prestigious entrance examinations regarding the career of the students and aspirants seeking admission into Indian Institute of Technologies(IIT’s) and other top engineering colleges of India. They are the most rewarding things for your career and days to come. Having strong basics in physics, mathematics and chemistry can really open up the doors for your future and beyond. They are not merely an examination but the foundation stones that you slowly lay on the way towards your bright future and life journey. It’s preparation demands a vigorous amount of effort but what if you’re are said to do it by your own ? No coaching? Yes, that’s what we are going to talk about in this article .
If you choose self preparation for such exams for whatever may be the reason you are surely one of a kind because it’s not so easy but at the same time not impossible. In such cases you are your guide and you are the one who will support yourself. Many of the students just fear that they could not study by their own because of distractions, less confidence among them, parental pressure and a lot of such reasons. One of the reasons why they rush to coaching institutes is “ running with the flock” if my friend is going to coaching I must do the same . Without realizing your calibre , without knowing your worth you just rush towards it. No, you don’t have to do this you are capable of achieving what you want remember the teacher teaching once was also a beginner. This article is for those students who want to do self study for IIT-JEE. It’s not at all difficult guys it would rather save your time and money but the main thing you have to do is TIME MANAGEMENT. Because there is no one under whose pressure you could study and this will make you dull in doing hardworking. You have to be your own teacher.

For self study construction of a time table becomes a necessity . It must be according to the priority. Once you have made a draft time table, look at it closely Is it a practical time table or an idealised one?. An idealised time table is one that you want to follow. Most students are highly motivated at the point when they make timetables so they allot too many hours of work or cut too much relaxation time. Such a time table would never work over a period of time.

Choosing the subject: you can either look at the pile of books and wonder which one to open. Or you can have already thought through this and have a game plan ready. You need to decide what you are going to study. Otherwise, a lot if time will be wasted in the decision making process. In order to make sure that you pay balanced attention to all the subjects (physics, chemistry , mathematics) prepare a schedule of what you will study every day of the week. Balanced does not mean equal- if you know your strengths and weaknesses, you will be able to judge which subjects require extra attention, and which subjects you can manage with little less time.

How to study?:


Get a good book: get a previous year question paper and theoretical books in market whichever you find best don’t go on the words of others.
Take out the textbook and go to the relevant section. Underline the important sentence and make a note of it and that you don’t have to search it every time it may be a formula, an equation etc.
You can read your class notes after you have gone through the textbook to see if there is any additional useful information that the teacher has given.
The easiest way to revise is to take a written test of what you have learnt and for this internet is you friend.

Choose the right time:


choosing when this time is going to be is a very important component of your study programme. Pick the time when you are comfortable.
Its not important to midnight oil it is important to study solemnly Without any distractions. When we talk about distractions mobile and friends are one of those. See guys, friends won’t decide your future you have to stay away from there negative thoughts whatever they say just don’t mind and you keep on studying in silence and let your success make the noise. Set a time for you mobile don’t just get immersed in to it.
Focus on main topics of physics chemistry and math . You don’t have to study the whole topic just the main part and their shortcut function.
These tips will surely help you in self studying just focus.

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