Time Management Tips for IIT JEE Exam


Time management is very important in any kind of competitive or entrance exam to score well. It helps you manage time between study and revision, study and break and revision and study break. If you are not able to manage time properly, this post is definitely for you.

Sometimes good knowledge may not help you to get good rank in exam like JEE. Also, the syllabus of the exam is huge. On the exam day, you have to complete a lot of questions in small duration. So what will be your strategy to manage time during your preparation throughout the year so that you can perform well on exam day?

Create your plan for your exam:

There are two phases of preparation.

  • First phase( First 1year plan):
  1. Read the basics of all the chapters. Check the important topics for IIT JEE.
  2. Find your strength; try to find in which subjects or topics you are good.Mark those topics.
  3. Go through all the previous year questions and practice questions set of the chapter/topic. Solve all of them.
  4. Follow all your online or offline classes regularly. Clear all your doubt. Always go through the chapter before one day to go to the class.
  • Second phase( Last six months plan):
  1. Create your study plan. When you practices chapter wise question and give the full-length mock tests and analyze the solutions.
  2. Stick a calendar on your wall and maintain a diary. Write what you have done for IIT JEE preparation throughout the day and the marks that you get in mock test. This will help you to know how your score getting improved and where you need improvement.
  • Some important note:
  1. Self-study can often lead to monotony and lower your ability to concentrate after a certain point. It is thus suggested to indulge in group studies.
  2. There is a lot of time that goes unaccounted during the day. It is suggested to keep your notes handy all the time and give a glance whenever you get time.
  3. Don’t let external pressure or influencers dictate your mind. Focus on your goals and its deadlines. Remember, goals can only be achieved if you respect deadlines.
  4. Allot time specifically for your recreational/leisure activities like sports, exercise or entertainment.

Don’t rush in exam preparation. Do according to your schedule plan. Time management is the key to your success. If you genuinely want to manage time and serious about IIT JEE Exam preparation follow the above mention steps.

Best of luck for your exam!!

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