When to Study, Day or Night?

When to Study, Day or Night?

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The debate continues, when is the best time for studying, early morning or late nights. The night owls bicker with early crows and the battle continues. Personally I feel, the time of effective study varies from person to person, so instead of wasting their time controverting over this topic, one must use the best part of the 24 hours, which they feel is the right time for them.

Setting aside my heart felt opinions a bit, taking this fight in a more logical manner, we will see that both the times have their advantages and disadvantages. Below, we will see through some of them.

Benefits for the Early Crow:


Natural Light: In the day, the sun is there who is the giver of light. So if you are studying in the day, you can certainly use sunlight and save electricity and get a boost of vitamin D.

Mind is Fresh: In the early morning, the body is well rested, so the mind as well is crisp, which will serve as a new sheet of paper when you want to memorize something.

Good Start: Studying first thing in the morning is a great way to start your day, it gives a productive head start to the day ahead.

Snag for Crow:


Morning Haters: Waking with the birds is really difficult for the people who can’t sleep ear;y or rise early, the people who’s bane is morning.

Tiresome: Starting your day with studies and the thought of heading to work like school or college and participate the activities there is itself tiring and boring.

Perks of Night Owl:


Empty Library: hen everyone is asleep, the quiet owl is making her way to the library. If you are lucky enough to gain access to the library at night, then you will be glad to know that, it would be deserted and you can study in tranquility.

Utilize can’t sleep mode: When you can’t go to sleep just yet, but you need, try reading a text book. It will help you in two ways, you read something useful and it will eventually bore you and you will go to sleep.

Peace atlast: Away from the hustle and bustle of the day, you can sit with your book at night, when the noises come to still and people go to sleep, it will set the correct atmosphere for studying.

Issues of Owl:


Always Tired: As you were up in the night studying, the sleep remains incomplete which makes you tired during the day.

Wastage of Electricity: As you are not using the sunlight, so you are wasting the electricity by under utilizing the natural light.

Well these were few of my arguments for both sides. As long as you study attentively, time doesn’t matter. So people keep studying.

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