Easiest Way To Memorize The Mathematics Formulas.

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Easiest Way To Memorize The Mathematics Formulas.

so, Congratulations! Finally, you are here. I was waiting for you since, Quite a long time.(Aha, Don’t get Surprised) Yeah yeah, i know you are facing problem either in learning formulas or Memorizing them. so, Read further and i promise you that you will thank me after reading this post because its worth your time.

I still remember the time when i literally use to whine while learning formulas. And even after learning them by heart it often happens that i used to forget them. Learning and memorizing formulas can be laborious and tricky but i will tell you some tips through which you will not only learn them rather will memorize them too:-

1. write Down all Formula on a single sheet (Chart paper): 

I know many of you might have heard this or even done this before. so the trick is to write all formula in a single sheet in bold letters:-

              Attractive colors= More Attention.

yeah, have you ever wonder why most of the Famous logos use RED and YEllow colors?

  • Mc Donald’s.
  • Master Card.
  • Burger King.
  • Microsoft.

The reason is red and yellow colors are Primary Colors hence, they are attractive. so, in a nutshell, you should also write formula by using attractive colors so that it will catch your attention.


2. Paste that sheet on your Front wall:-

After writing formulas in a single sheet you will have to paste that on your front wall, on your door of wardrobe, or at the wall where you can easily read formulas time to time. Now, benefits:-

  • Everday after waking up just read complete sheet once.
  • Before and after having a meal(s)
  • Before sleeping.

This will help you to revise your formula thrice or more a day so, that it will be tattooed on your mind completely.


3. Dear Phone, could you please help me?:- 

what? seriously? Have i gone nuts? I’m telling you to use your phone. well yes, follow these steps after reading this:-

  • unlock your phone. (Excited?)
  • now, open up your sound/voice recorder.
  • Take the sheets in your hand (Formula One). 
  • Now start recording your voice by saying formula one by one clearly.
  • Done? Now save it. (Haha my job is completed)


4. Listen to your Recorded voice while Doing other work:- 

savior:-                                                                                                     (Phone+Earphone= Best Combination.)

  • MOM: Ninne, could you chop this vegetable for tonights’ Dinner?
  • ME: But mom i have to study.
  • MOM: It will hardly take 10 mins(Furious) 
  • ME: Okay mom I will help you(Idea, Idea, Idea)

    Earphone plug in→ Recording on→ Padai Ka Stress Gone. 


5.  Will you be my Best Friend?:(Formulas)

This is a high time now. you’ve to become best Friends. so, your treatment towards your formula should be as if you’re treating your Best Friend(Perplexed?) I will tell you what to do further:

  • Proper Understanding: Best Friends have proper Understanding between them so, you should try to understand whatever you are Reading/learning.
  • Knowledge of past: They have a proper knowledge of past so,  you should know how the formulas have been derived.
  • Never Ignore Each Other: Yeah, besties don’t ignore each other. So, you should never ignore reading or even a cursory look at them (Formula Sheet).
  • Help Each Other: If you will be loyal to them then, they will definitely help you during your exams time.(Tough Time)

see how making formulas’ your best friend can create wonders while giving Exams.


5. Practice Makes a person Perfect:

Learning and Revising them is not only important but rather practicing them at home is also important. It will help you to ensure that you’re using them correctly and in a proper way. so, keep practicing. And reiterate:

  • KEEP CALM, ITS MY MATHS EXAM.