Some Important Formulas from Algebra and Trigonometry

Some Important Formulas from Algebra and Trigonometry

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Important Formulas from Algebra and Trigonometry

Important Formulas from Algebra and Trigonometry: Trigonometry are the diverse formula and the below formula are helping you better for learning various concepts of trigonometry. Lots of multiple formulas are required for facing the trigonometric problems so it’s important to practice each trigonometric formula in multiple ways of time.

Trigonometry is a mathematics branch which deals with various triangles it is also known as the study between the relationship between length and angles of triangles. It also sometimes deals with circles as well as a number of enormous use of trigonometric formula there in the triangulation techniques which are basically used in geography for measuring various distances between landmarks and Astronomers for measuring distance between stars and also navigation between the satellite system.

trigonometric formulas are basically divided into two major groups trigonometric identities and trigonometric ratios.

Trigonometric identities are formulas involvement trigonometric functions and identify true for all values of the variable.

Trigonometric ratios are basically known for the relationship between measuring of angles and length of the side of right angle triangle.

Here in the below article we at with our heartfelt gratitude providing the best support for our student to provide them with a one-stop platform for various trigonometric formulas that are basically used for the whole year.

Important Formulas from Algebra and Trigonometry


Expansion of Polynomials

  1. (a+b)2=a2+2ab+b2
  2. (a−b)2=a2−2ab+b2
  3. (a+b)3=a3+3a2b+3ab2+b3
  4. (a−b)3=a3−3a2b+3ab2−b3

Factorization of Polynomials

  1. a2−b2=(a+b)(a−b)
  2. a3−b3=(a−b)(a2+ab+b2)
  3. a3+b3=(a+b)(a2−ab+b2)

Trigonometric Identities

  1. cos2θ+sin2θ=1
  2. tan2θ+1=sec2θ

Sine Sum and Difference Formulas

  1. sin(θ12)=sinθ1cosθ2+cosθ1sinθ2
  2. sin(θ1−θ2)=sinθ1cosθ2−cosθ1sinθ2

Sine Double Angle Formula


Cosine Sum and Difference Formulas

  1. cos(θ12)=cosθ1cosθ2−sinθ1sinθ2
  2. cos(θ1−θ2)=cosθ1cosθ2+sinθ1sinθ2

Cosine Double Angle Formula



Half Angle Formulas

  1. cos2θ=1+cos2θ2 or equivalently cosθ=±1+cos2θ2−−−−−−−−−√
  2. sin2θ=1−cos2θ2 or equivalently sinθ=±1−cos2θ2−−−−−−−−−√


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