Essential tips to avoid stress during the GATE/ NEET/ IIT-JEE preparation.

Essential tips to avoid stress during the GATE/ NEET/ IIT-JEE preparation.


Essential tips to avoid stress during the GATE/ NEET/ IIT-JEE preparation.

Always start from SCRATCH.

  • When you prepare for the exams like GATE/ NEET/ IIT-JEE which are tough and require way too much practice and determination then always start from basic concepts. Firstly, take some tests to analyze which topic or subject is easy for you and which you need to focus more.


  • Make a list of topics according to their difficulty levels. Start from the easy topic then move ahead towards the difficult ones. In this way, you will be able to prepare for these exams in an effective way. Another benefit of this technique is when you start with easy topics, it takes less time for preparation and you get more time for preparing the difficult topics.
  1. Always set your goals.
  • When you set goals for yourself, you start to think in a broad aspect. It is important to set goals so you can take your actions in a more effective manner to accomplish it. Now the goals for preparation of the exams like GATE/NEET/IIT-JEE can vary from person to person.


  • You can set goals according to the time you have and the amount of syllabus you should cover during this time. You can set weekly, monthly goals for the exam study. Set goals and take actions to accomplish them on time. Reward yourself after you accomplish a specific goal. This is the best way to stay motivated.
  1. Build up your confidence.
  • “Confidence is a key to unlock the door of an opportunity”. Never underestimate yourself. Always have a belief that you can achieve whatever you desire. Positive thinking helps you to create a positive mindset which is beneficial to get rid of the stress.
  1. Always follow a proper sleeping schedule.
  • Enough amount of sleep is required to keep your brain functioning in a proper manner so don’t skip your sleep schedule and get sleep of at least 5-6 hours daily. This will help you in keeping your mind alert plus save you from many problems which occur due to an insufficient amount of sleep.
  1. Meditate at least 10 minutes daily.
  • “Meditation is a proven remedy for removing stress”. Although it is an underrated tip and youth mostly ignore this. Include meditation in your daily routine and practice it on daily basis. This will help to reduce the stress of exam preparation.


  1. Listen to some soulful and soft music.
  • Music is a great stress-buster! Whenever you feel exhausted and need some break from hectic study schedule, listen to some light and soulful music.

These are some essential tips to avoid the stress while you prepare for exams like GATE/NEET/IIT-JEE. Along with this, revise the topics on a regular basis so that you will remember them. Make some time for your hobbies so that you will get some time to relax. During the exam time when you attempt the exam, don’t be panic if you forget or unable to recall something. Think with a calm mind and try to recall things. Give your best shot in an exam. All the best!