Which one is better IB or CBSE?

Which one is better IB or CBSE? & its Advantages & disadvantages


Which one is better IB or CBSE? & its Advantages & disadvantages

As we all know that school plays an important role in one’s life. One side it helps us in Learning and understanding new things and on the other hand, it helps us in Exploring our Dormant Talents. So parents should be very careful and should be meticulous about the school in which they are sending their child(s). school is like a Mental tonic for the students which is available in different Flavours. so, parents should have a proper knowledge about the Tonic(school) which they are giving to their child(s).

so, in this blog, I will tell about two different categories of schooling board-

          International Baccalaureate board-

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is an international foundation for education. It aims to provide students worldwide with a standardized education model designed to incorporate a wide variety of subjects and activities to enable their students to become inquisitive, knowledgeable and caring citizens.



  1. More Exposure:

IB Board schools are Famous for providing balanced Education to their students as students have different varieties of Subjects like  Languages, Humanities and Social Studies, Mathematics, Sciences and Creative studies. so, through this, they can choose the subject which they prefer and can further learn about other subjects too.

2. Internationally Recognized Standard-

IB schools are internationally recognized and valid as precursors to a large number of foreign and domestic universities.  

3. Multi-Tasking-

unlike other boards of Education, IB Board helps in multitasking it pays equally emphasis on curricular and co-curricular activities simultaneously.


  1. Expensive-

IB schools provide a lot of additional resources to the children but these added benefits come at a steep price. The average IB school fee for students is many magnitudes higher than that of indigenous boards.

2. Limited Schools Available-

IB schools are resource intensive and so are not widely spread out across the country. There are only a handful of well established IB schools, although each year more and more of them are opening as the popularity of the course increases.


   Central Board Of Secondary Education

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) was formed in 1962 with the aim of providing students in the country with a high level of quality education designed for securing a good higher education for students within Indian universities. CBSE board syllabus is the one that is followed by a large number of entrance exams for the most prestigious engineering and medical institutes in India.


  1. Wide Scope-

This is one of the greatest advantages of CBSE that it has a wide scope within India. You can easily find Numbers of schools Affiliated with CBSE Board.

2. Hindi+English Medium= Available-

In Cbse Board you will find the Availability of both medium i.e English as well as English ensuring the language barrier does not stand in the way of imparting education.

3. Proper Training-

The CBSE syllabus is followed by most entrance exam boards in the country for engineering and medical universities. So students who are enrolled in CBSE tend to have a firm grounding in the subjects necessary for cracking these competitive exams.


  1. Importance given to Rote Learning-

Truth hurts isn’t? But it can’t be denied. Cbse lay more emphasis on Rote learning instead of Meaningful learning. Because of Rote learning the Inquisitive has been Restricted.

2. Textbook based Answering-

CBSE schools focus more on learning from just the standard recommended textbooks and most do not focus much on sources of information outside the prescribed course materials.

So, above were the Advantages and Disadvantages of Both Boards. If parents want to send their child(s) abroad and expenses are not an issue then they can choose IB Board but if they want their child(s) to study in india then, CBSE will not disappoint you.