Best way to Choose Right Coaching Institute for IIT JEE and NEET?

Best way to Choose Right Coaching Institute for IIT JEE and NEET?


Best way to Choose Right Coaching Institute for IIT JEE and NEET?

Choosing a right coaching institute for IIT JEE or NEET is considered as a major decision for students as well as their parents. We can see that the majority of students prefer to choose the coaching institutes that have seen good results from the past and have a lot of name in the market but there is a new trend these days that students study themselves and go for he online courses.

How Students and Parents Choose Coaching Institute?

There are so many coaching institutes, whether they are small or big, for IIT and Medical in all the major cities in India. When these coaching institutes display their results of successful students every year, there is one thing they will never disclose and that is the total number of students who have taken the coaching from them. We all are aware of one thing that is higher the number of students taking coaching, more are the chances of showing good results. Students and parents are now realizing that it’s the quality of the classes that is what matters most. For example, Anand Kumar in a small room at Patna is providing quality education and it is of the same quality as that of Allen and FIITJEE who are providing in Kota and Delhi respectively. So, it is a very important decision to choose a valuable coaching institute for JEE and AIPMT (NEET).

Some Habits of Highly Valuable Coaching Institutes for JEE and NEET

  1. A great coaching provider would understand the psychology of a student.


Every student has a different learning ability. Some of them are very fast learners, while some may take a little longer time to understand things. There are also some students who are not comfortable in studying in a batch and prefer one to one classes.

A great coaching institute should be fast in recognizing the personality of a student. What if he/she an introvert? If they are, then they need to change the teaching strategy to be more suitable for introvert students.

  1. A great coaching provider will analyze the individual performance of a student correctly.

For a top coaching institute, there are around 100-120 students in a batch, so it becomes difficult to see if all the students have understood the concepts. The only way to do so is to take tests on regular basis. To see the performance is up to the mark can be only judged by marks, and hence avoiding other factors that may be hampering the student’s. The coaching provider then must give suggestions to make the student improve and then along with parents support so that student improves

  1. A great coaching provider will never differentiate between its students.

Every big institute has a top batch. The well performing as well as deserving students are always placed in top batches and hence they get the best of the faculties. These students are the ones who will most likely clear the JEE or NEET exam. Students who are performing good in the lower and average batches can also be moved to these top batches.


These are some of the factors to choose the right coaching institute for the students to clear the JEE or the NEET exams.