How to get Relax from stress while preparing for IIT JEE Exam?

How to get Relax from stress while preparing for IIT JEE Exam?


How to get Relax from stress while preparing for IIT JEE Exam?

Exams and stress go hand in hand. We have enough stress due to the expectations of our family and teachers. To add to that, we stress ourselves further by worrying and thinking too much. We assume a negative future and that causes us to panic. That is why with each passing day the stress increases. Many students blame stress and anxiety for poor results because it cripples them and hinders their productivity. The fear of not doing well meddles with your body and mind, affecting your concentration and grasping power. It can also lower your immunity, cause sleeplessness, fatigue, headaches, and more health problems. Thankfully, studies show that stress doesn’t have to be the villain

Before we learn how to handle stress & anxiety while preparing for IIT entrance exams or rather difficult subjects like physics for IITJEE, let us understand what are the signs and symptoms of stress?

• Your heart beats at an accelerated rate.
• Your breathing rate increases.
• Your body sweats.
• Your mind becomes agitated and you feel restless.
• Your stomach feels queasy. In other words you feel butterflies in your stomach..

We have a few ways that will help stress work in your favor:

Get Rid of Unnecessary Stress
Most of the stress we take is for no reason. When the pressure is on, it is easy to feel stressed even when you are well prepared and going by the schedule you set. Thus, to start off, before it gets worse you should start eliminating all the factors that cause unnecessary stress. For example, clutter on your desk is a pointless distraction and a source of stress. Seeing books scattered everywhere can really cause panic. Clear the clutter and you’ll feel better automatically. Also, improve your diet and exercise. These two are very important to beat stress. They will calm you down and help you think more clearly.

Change The Perception
The best way to tackle stress is not to beat it but to look at it from a different perspective. Look at stress as a good thing that drives you into studying harder. Use it to your advantage and you will be able to do much better in your exams. Healthy stress has proven time and again to increase productivity. Too much stress and no stress at all, both are bad for your preparation. It is not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.
Thus, healthy stress seen with a positive perspective is all that you need!

Find Purpose – Remember Your Goals
Why are you writing your exam? Why is it that you are studying all day? What is the ultimate goal? Every time you feel overwhelmed, the simplest thing to do is to remember why you are going through this struggle. Reminding yourself of the sweet fruit of success at the end of it can really amplify you up and reduce your pressure. Your goals will act as stimuli and put you in a positive, strong position. Tackling the fear and anxiety of exams with this mindset is easier. In fact, the stress will be sidelined because you are pumped up to do well. Stress should be a powerful driving force, not an obstacle.

Relaxation Techniques:
You can relax while sitting on a chair, lying on a bed or stretched out on a comfortable spot. To relax focus on your breathing first, close your eyes and listen to the sound as air flows in and out. As you breathe your belly should be moving in and out. Next, start counting one to ten, on your inhalations and saying to yourself “relax” in your mind. Continue this process, until you feel quiet and your mind is focused and undisturbed by fleeting thoughts. The idea behind counting is to shut your mind from other thoughts and not to be disturbed.

Palming: Close your eyes and keep your open palm pressed against your eyes. Hold this position for 5-10 minutes every day. You will feel the heat being transferred to your eyes. Do this exercise regularly everyday or press a folded cloth to your mouth, blow air into the cloth so that it becomes warm and then press the cloth against your eyes.Whenever you are tensed or anxious, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Slowly breathe out. Do this about ten times and watch the difference. This should calm your nerves and reduce your anxiety.
Other methods for Reducing Anxiety when preparing for an IIT entrance exam

•Self-Assertion – Do a realistic review of the situation, and decide on a course of action and carry it out; assert yourself, take charge of your life.

•Sleep habits – In order to get more time to study something like Physics for IITJEE exams, several students sacrifice their normal sleep. Occasional loss of sleep may not affect your thinking, but loss of sleep over a longer period of time can create stress. Do not carry your problems and anxieties to bed. They will leave you mentally sluggish the next morning and impair your ability to perform in any IIT entrance exam no matter how confident you are. Cultivate methods that enable you to get enough restful sleep.

•Relaxation – Practice physical and mental relaxation exercises before and during preparations for an IIT entrance exam.

Quiet time – Cultivate and then use a “quiet time” to review your situation, to compose yourself, and to prepare yourself for a project, subjects like Physics for IITJEE, or other stressful situations in the day.

Friends – Talk to one or two friends a day, for support and encouragement, to renew your self-confidence and morale, even while you are preparing for your IIT entrance exam.

•Consultation – Help yourself by seeking consultation from peers, instructors, or professional counselors. A lot of students report feeling stressed when studying alone for something like Physics for IITJEE, try calling a friend over to help practice and perfect your concepts, to be able to face IIT entrance exams square in the face.

Practice to relax every day: The more you practice, the better you will be able to relax. Practice relaxing for five minutes in the beginning. Plan for at least 3 relaxation breaks each day, five minutes in duration, before and during your IIT Entrance Exam preparations. On very busy days, do not be tempted to do away with this practice. It is more important to relax on such busy days. Remember, anxiety affects people of all abilities


The truth is that you will feel pressure and stress no matter what you do. Running away from it or letting it affect you negatively will ruin your exam preparation. Don’t try to eliminate it or escape from it. use it to your advantage so that it helps increase your grasping power, concentration, and time management. When stress gets too much and starts meddling with your studies, take a quick break and exercise. Relax for a while and during this time, distract yourself. When you start studying again, you will find yourself more organized and even disciplined because your mind has now recharged and is clearer.

Sometimes all it takes is a break, other times a change of perspective, and rest of the times, some motivation by remembering why you are working so hard.