How to know if My IIT JEE Preparation is on the Right Track

How to know if My IIT JEE Preparation is on the Right Track


IIT is one of the most prestigious topics which rumors in the market very fast, the topic deals with the field of information technology number of students in India prepare for the exam but not all the students succeeded in that exam. So the point arises here is why a lot of students unable to reach their ability towards their goal, the reason is due to various types of mistakes done by them. As IIT exam is one of the biggest exams in India for the engineering students.

Here in the below articles, you will get various views about how to track your progress report.

@.  Positive graph       

If in your coaching class your result goes in the positive direction means in the upside of the graph then you are able to say that you are on your right trick but it may also go negatively so be careful while dealing with that type of tracking process.


@.  Mock test

Go through your mock test conducted by your coaching institutes or from by other coaching institutes to get a real feeling of your final exam. Mock test is the only platform for any national level student to get notify about our progress report, so prepare yourself for mock test and notify your progress with your time period as well as your time for per topic in the exam.


@.  Health

Be in your healthy habit sometimes due to too much stress and lack of time for our health that’s why our body sometimes goes under stressful situations which meant create various complications for us, so it is also one of the tracking report for you to get your health on the line.


@.  Seriousness

Sometimes your result for any of the institute’s exam made you confident or sometimes it may create various problems for you due to a negative result so all these topics made it possible for you to track your report.


@. Negligence

Are you really interested in all of your subjects still you are only like any of one subject and neglect 3 of 2. So it is one of the most basic tracking process of a report but if a person is really serious for his preparation then he or she always gives equal preference to all the subjects and not any of the single topic or subject.


All the above data is analyzed by our experts for getting you notify about to trick your progress report, so you may use any of the above process to get track your report and analyze your report for your final preparation so go through them and command on your error making concepts so as to get positive result for your exam.


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