IIT Student hangs himself, cops blame online suicide game.

IIT Student hangs himself, cops blame online suicide game.


IIT Student hangs himself, cops blame online suicide game.


  • Abhijeet Singh vansia,21, was described as a good student by his teachers and did not appear to be under stress.
  • The boy may have killed himself as part of an Online suicide game, police said.

It’s Extremely Mournful knowing that a student of IIT Abhijeet Singh Vansia was found hanging from a ceiling fan. It has been assumed that the boy had killed himself as part of an online suicide game police said on Thursday.

After Questioning Teachers, parents, and Friends police did not find something as Abhijeet was a Good student and was not under any stress which can lead to suicide. one in many students could be hooked by virtual games like Blue Whale.

Inspector Sadhna Tyagi told-

one of the students has told us that many in the hostel were addicted to Play Suicide Game Online. He also mentioned a game called ”30 Ways of Suicide.” Dean(Students’ welfare) professor Anand Joshi Declined to comment.

Important Note-

As we have seen many cases of Suicide especially in India. Many innocent students/people have lost their lives by becoming a victim of such games. First, these games lure people especially the one who are Diffident, despondent, and Depressed. They give Different Tasks and then, the game will eventually end up by taking our own life(Suicide). Even after awareness has been spread all over the globe still even now many cases of such suicides are not stopping.

so, through this blog, i really want to convey and request everyone that stop and keep yourself away from such things. Even if you know someone who is/can be a victim of the same so, help them and stop them before it get’s too late. Life is Beautiful, Enjoy every moment instead of Risking your life for such things.