What are the advantages of starting early for iit jee

Counselling IIT JEE

IIT jee the most popular exam of india to take admission on one of the best colleges for engineering in india that is so called IITs.IIT are most famous and popular am0mg the engineering student and every student dream also.every  student who preparing for iit jee has dream to study in iit but because they are one of the best colleges of india in term of technical education.

To take admission in iit every student has to face two  most important exam. First one is IIT JEE MAINS it is for all student who are interested or plan to do engineering then who clear the cutoff on respective category then he/she eligible for IIT JEE ADVANCED it is the one of the most toughest exam and most popular exam in india. Almost arong 13 black student apply for IIT JEE MAINS and then 3lack were selected for  in IIT jee MAINS according to their cutoff then they are eligible for IIT JEE ADVANCE and then under all india rank 5000 were goes in IITs.

So thier are huge com[pitaion so for this early preparation for IIT EXAM is needed in this we are talking about some benefit for star early for iit jee.

So  here are some benefits or advantages of stating for iit jee

  1. Getting Familiarized: getting familiarized is very important because earlier you know about exam and very information regarding exam best you put in your preparation according to that so by joining early any coaching institute is beneficiilor they familiar you with everything needed to crack iit exam . so tos is frost reason you join coach institute earlier for iit jee.
  2. Well rounded coaching: this make you your fundamentals moore strong because as your fundamentals and concepts are strong best you performance in exam . and starring eazy  make you fundamentals more string and more time to focus and working on your weak points.
  3. Developing a competitive spirit:preparing for such a big competitive exam where huge competition is there the it is very important you for make sure and for compilation and preparing according to compiation by preparing earlier you aware about this all things  very well and chance success is increase.
  4. Being conditioned to handle increased academic rigour: The level of difficulty increases at college and it is important not to get demoralised. You can ease into this rigour and get used it by moving ahead gradually.

    5. Ample time for self-study: staring earlier gives you ample amount of time to study very well and focus and strong your weak topic well for exam.and you can solve previous year exam papers and study very well when you start earlier with full of enthusiasm and dedication.


  1. Staying confident : Competitive exams can be stressful to handle. However you do not need to worry as research indicates that people who have spent more time practising perform better under stress. With the extra time that you have spent, you can easily outdo most of your competition.