Crack the JEE Advanced And JEE Mains & Full Details

Crack the JEE Advanced And JEE Mains & Full Details


Crack the JEE Advanced And JEE Mains & Full Details

So now that you have cleared IIT JEE Mains, you can be a little bit relieved but not totally, the battle is far from over, one of the hardest parts are left and that is JEE Advanced. It is more difficult than the JEE Mains. Here are few things which you could try in order to pass the Advanced with flying colours.

Stay Focussed: The celebration of passing the Mains must not deter your attention from passing the Advanced, therefore you mustn’t lose the motivation at any cost. Your eyes should always remain on the prize.

Other Books: The NCERT books are really good and they will form your base and help you clear the Mains but the Advanced are a whole new thing. As the name suggest, the questions will be tougher than the Mains, so get hold of other books and increase your knowledge on the subjects.

Time: Managing time is the most essential thing. Choose time slots for different subjects and maintain a proper schedule which includes sleep too.

Sleep Well: No sleep makes Jack a zombie, and zombies don’t pass the JEE Advanced. So you must sleep healthily so that your mind stays fresh and you can prepare with ease.

Mock Tests: Take mock tests regularly, it will help you stay on your toes regarding the exam. Also it will aid you to find you your faults too.

Weak areas: You must target your weak areas, concentrate on the parts where your mind goes wobbly. You must use your time and improve those areas.

Strengths: You must know your best points too, these will help you achieve a significant amount of marks in your exam and will boost your confidence level.

Early in Exam:  Reach the exam hall early, not like you have to help the sweepers or arrange the desks or opening doors but arriving at the hall a bit prior than others will help you calm your nerves.

Well, these are the tips which will help you make you an iitian.