Best 10 tips for the preparation of Jee Mains 2018

Best 10 tips for the preparation of Jee Mains 2018 Exam


Best 10 tips for the preparation of Jee Mains 2018 Exam

IIT is one of the most important competitive exams for engineering aspirants. the basics of physics, chemistry, maths opens a lots of of ways to get you success with your dream platform

So lets come to the points that how you can prepare your self to get success with surity

as we know that the thinking about the carrier as an IIT is one of the most important aspects of life as it includes a lots of risks to get success even a students get a lots of pressure from parents as well as from teachers and coaching as well so to get success in one of the most pinnacle carrier in our life one of the most important thing is that from where you are getting guidance and support to get you succeeded in it T o get itn clear you have to plan it very seriously with your full strength and efforts so here you will get the most trustable tips for getting success in your dream job


There are many books in the market to get you complete the coarse for the exam so to get the best support it is one of the best theing to choose the best in the market and the book whose language is mostly reliable for you to get cover all the topics for your exam so research for the most trustable books in the market and investigate the level and type of language for you because a book is everything for you and can make your future so plan it carefully


As the exam dates are very close from know onwords so its not a time to do the same mistake for more than one time its time to learn from your mistakes and get succeded in front of you get the best support from online networks as you will get the best support from youtube channels as well as various websites to minimize your mistakes and get every topic 100%

                                          SAVE YOUR TIME

complete the most important task first -means the revision and data driven by our brain is updated firstly and made every work with full of confidence and power to success

once you have to complete your task then you have sense of accomplishment and will lead to next important task Say no to friends and family- as sometimes we can see that most of our time get waste due to some unusual work but if we are trying to get off from that type of some of the unusual work out it may give you a lots of support for your time consuming part of your work Do everything in your time limit- as the time consuming by various topic is too much ,ore and some of the topic is too much less so to get you satisfy with your time management you have to utilise it in a very proper way with your coarse as well

                                          PLAN YOUR SCHEDULE

scheduling is also one of the most important aspects as the startup of scheduling starts from wake up with creating a schedule for your today’s schedule that how much time you have to utilise for your every topic from your study to your food and cell phone .Mark all the points in your personal diary and do your work wisely with your detailed criteria .Do not miss your health related aspects as they are the most important aspects to get you succeed so focus on them as well with your every chapter of your respective subject

                              GO FREQUENTLY NO TO GET WORRIED

Be happy for with your work and love to get revise your work to get the best return in terms of your result . Go only through schedule and not to take overdose so that you mind able to get concentrate on your respective topics and give your best for your dream platform because i know that you can do it


To get you satisfy with your work previous year question papers are one of the most important factor for you to get you full support for your final round .Here with your previous year paper you are able to get notify with the time consuming by various concept and questions of various subjects .As many of the questions got repeat year by year by converting their way of presentation so it is also one of the most important concept .Apart from that from here you will get additional confidence that how to solve and that how much you got from your efforts made by you for your concepts

                           REVISE YOUR WORK AFTER SOME PERIOD

 ” practice makes the man perfect ” so your practice can define your focus on your work that how much you are focusing on your concepts by practising them but don’t practice blindly as many cases are seen in our day to day life that they made a lots of efforts but not get succeeded because of their blind work without any focus .Go through your notes and read your best topics to make them more powerful for your exam revise all the topics that you know very well and don’t go for other new topics as there are various topics which we should not open at the time prior to the exam so not to get diverted and to do the best in exam


as there are four option one of which leads to +4 for us so ask your self about the three wrong one and try to get +4 but not waste your time on that concept and focus if your  maximum part is left

                                        HEALTH IS WEALTH

health is basically defined as a state of well being in all aspects like physically mentally well being so to get succeeded in our life you have to get always focused on your health so that you are able to focus on your presence of mind .And if you get healthy for the entire 1 or 2 years of preparation then you have to get healthy physically as well as mentally


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