How to prepare for JEE mains/advanced examination 2018/19

How to prepare for JEE mains/advanced examination 2018/19


How to prepare for JEE mains/advanced examination 2018/19

IIT is one of the most important competitive exams for engineering aspirants. the basics of physics, chemistry, maths opens a lots of of ways to get you success with your dream platform

So lets come to the points that how you can prepare your self to get success with surity

as we know that the thinking about the carrier as an IIT is one of the most important aspects of life as it includes a lots of risks to get success even a students get a lots of pressure from parents as well as from teachers and coaching as well so to get success in one of the most pinnacle carrier in our life one of the most important thing is that from where you are getting your guidance and support to get you succeeded in it So here i have divided that topics in a very helpful manner to get you full coverage for your preparations

  • Time management
  • follow your schedule
  • know the syllabus and exam weightage
  • coaching classes online or offline or self study’
  • study concept /problem solving /assessment
  • previous year papers
  • timed practice test series
  • group study discussion with toppers
  • health is wealth
  • distraction management-self control
  • retrospect for the day

these are the some of the overall topics about which i will give you the full coverage to get you succeeded in JEE mains/advanced exam

1  Time management

before we point out other exam related aspects on of the most important thing is to manage your time because without time management no one can ever you help to get you succeeded for finals as we know smart work is more valuable than hard work the meaning here i wants to get you is that only that you have to manage your time in a very peaceful manner so that you will get enough time for all of your subject as we know that it is too much important for physics and maths as both of them wants a lots of time so time management is one of the most important aspects for an IIT aspirant

complete the most important task first -means the revision and data driven by our brain is updated firstly and made every work with full of confidence and power to success

once you have to complete your task then you have sense of accomplishment and will lead to next important task

Say no to friends and family- as sometimes we can see that most of our time get waste due to some unusual work but if we are trying to get off from that type of some of the unusual work out it may give you a lots of support for your time consuming part of your work

Do everything in your time limit- as the time consuming by various topic is too much ,ore and some of the topic is too much less so to get you satisfy with your time management you have to utilise it in a very proper way with your coarse as well

2 follow a schedule or make a plan

scheduling is also one of the most important aspects as the startup of scheduling starts from wake up with creating a schedule for your today’s schedule that how much time you have to utilise for your every topic from your study to your food and cell phone

mark all the points in your personal diary and do your work wisely with your detailed criteria

do not miss your health related aspects as they are the most important aspects to get you succeed so focus on them as well with your every chapter of your respective subject

plan you study- as it is one of the most important point so you have to plan a lots of your time for your study and made it divide in a respective  chapter so that you will not get any difficulty

utilise unusable time- use your handbooks and mobile apps when you are in buss or at the cafeteria so that you will revise your work their with their help

plan your health related points so that your health get satisfy your work. plan it seriously ans make your food habits with your work so that your body will be maintained

3 know the syllabus and exam pattern-

as the syllabus of JEE exam is vast so it is one of the most important asoect to make command on all the three subjects properly to get a great rank

firstly focus on all the topics whose weightage is more and get an optimum time to get a good result as there are many physics topic whose weightage is much more than the other one so make schedule for them

as some of the tough topics are very important and have a good weightage so make them in your schedule in a very proper way

paper pattern and pen-paper JEE mains/advanced exam

as before starting your preparation focus on different aspects for the exam pattern its format set of papers and the blue print organised by coaching and boards are the very important aspects like others so focusing on some of these topic have a very great-full impact on your rank

4  Coaching classes Online Offline

coaching classes plays a very crucial role in creating a good result as they offer you everything that you wants with all the criteria that is to be fulfil in your exams as from the syllabus to your exam pattern they will assure you everything that have its role in the development of your exam

various coaching institute organises various tests to test your efforts made for your exam many of the organisations do that work at national level to get you manage your results for your final race

there are various online coachings and their benefits are as follows

  • study at your own peace
  • refer to video lecturers again and again
  • no need to travel any more study comfortable from home only
  • track your result with the help of online tools
  • solve multiple doubts and problems
  • quick interaction towards every topic

Advantages of offline coaching institutes

  • direct interaction with teachers and students
  • special focus on your work

whatever be the advantages and dis advantages it is you who have to clear the exam so its depend on you that what you wants to prefer online or offline various online tutors are their on youtube who can give you pure satisfaction towards your various topics so preference towards them is also a good choice


5 Study concept and problem solving assessments

No matter how many coaching classes you joined or how much you give to these coaching classes

as self study is one of the most favourable topic to get you success because you have to clear every concept in a very proper manner by revising it and guide it from your tutors. More you focusing towards your concepts of physics, chemistry and maths more it will in your favour

NCERT books are also one of the most important topic to get focussed as the NCERT books contains everything that you may have to focuss in your exam so get it clear all the topics  your NCERT so that you will get guide theough it for clearing your various doubts


6 Previous year question papers

To get you satisfy with your work previous year question papers are one of the most important factor for you to get you full support for your final round

here with your previous year paper you are able to get notify with the time consuming by various concept and questions of various subjects

As many of the questions got repeat year by year by converting their way of presentation so it is also one of the most important concept

Apart from that from here you will get additional confidence that how to solve and that how much you got from your efforts made by you for your concepts


7  timed practice test series

As in our indian tradition we always trust on thoughts and one of them is that

” practice makes the man perfect ” so your practice can define your focus on your work that how much you are focusing on your concepts by practising them but don’t practice blindly as many cases are seen in our day to day life that they made a lots of efforts but not get succeeded because of their blind work without any focus


8 group study and discussion with toppers

hangout with the toppers and the experts of various subjects is also one of the most important aspects so here you have to get discuss your doubts from them and get a lots of discussion on various topics and it also helps you the time utilising criteria as you can discuss in your cafeteria or in your picnic spots as a theme of your picnics and many other so it also help you and make a respect in front of your headers


9  health is wealth

health is basically defined as a state of well being in all aspects like physically mentally well being so to get succeeded in our life you have to get always focused on your health so that you are able to focus on your presence of mind

And if you get healthy for the entire 1 or 2 years of preparation then you have to get healthy physically as well as mentally

as many students get distressed due to their health conditions which may lead to various drastical problems, So focus on your health is one of your first priority


10  Distraction management-self control

as we know that the adult age is one of the most distracting age for giving you distract from your goal

Role of social media is one of the most special category and have a topmost field as a lots of students are wasting their time their without thinking anything as we know that they also have some positive responsive towards their education as through various social media websites they are able to share their data from here to there


11 retrospect your day

are you finished your work so lets finish it with all the topics before going to bed that how much you achieve today and how much of it get success and how much is left and transferred for your tomorrows schedule

Utilise your yesterdays data and make your tomorrows plan accordingly  and seek whatever mistakes done by you for the whole day so that you will get success for your final attempt

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