Last Few Preparations Tips For JEE Exam? & Final Revision

Last Few Preparations Tips For JEE Exam? & Final Revision


Last Few Preparations Tips For JEE Exam? & Final Revision

Admission in the top engineering institutes of the country is the dream which every candidate wishes to aspire. The JEE Mains is the first passage for the selection of candidates among the 12 lakh aspirants out of which only 2 lakh qualify for the JEE Advanced. With all the pressure, anxiety and nervousness students sometimes panic and could not go to their last final touch up for the big exam. The final revision is as important as the preparation from the past two years so here are some last few preparation tips.

  • Taking care of your health:

Health is the most important phenomenon which you tend to ignore under stress. Proper sleep at night and a healthy diet are the factors you should never strike out of your schedule. You do not need to study continuously, taking breaks between two different topics can help you to refresh your mind and body so you can study the next topic with more concentration.

  • Magnify your strengths:

During your preparation, you surely have analyzed the topics you are good at. Focusing on those topics will help you score rather than starting an entirely new one because it may be risky. Try solving different kinds of questions in the topics in which you have a good grip and revising the same also you can calculate the time you require to solve the questions so that you get bonus time for the questions you think are tough.

  • Looking over the important formulae:

The rate of forgetting the formulae when you’re anxious is more than in the classroom environment. You may be confident about them but being thorough with your formulae over and over again is important because they can book one question or two easily for you as you know whether it be mathematics, physics, physical chemistry even organic chemistry you cannot solve unless you know the perfect formula.

  • Mental stability:

Along with health, you need your mind to be stable. Do not divert yourself and your mind in the things which are not important for the period. Most importantly do not compare your preparation with your friend’s because you can lose your confidence. In an exam like JEE, all you need is preparation and plenty of confidence in your pockets.

  • Study your mock tests:

There are many crash courses for the JEE exams you can take the courses few months before the exam. There are many coaching institutes which provide the best coaching for IIT JEE in Indore you can learn from them. Analyzing your mock tests from these courses can help you a lot about your weaker points, the strongest ones and in how much time you can solve a particular type of question.

  • Don’t leave anything for the last:

You can miss something in the end so keep everything ready before time. Whether it be your revision or the stationary. Students tend to forget their hall tickets and sometimes identification proof so keep them all. Keep your pen, pencil, rubber, etc. ready and in spare and do not forget to reach in time in the examination hall.

Things are not that tough as they seem when you actually look into them. These tips will surely ease your nervousness and you are all set to go for your exam.