Last few preparations tips for JEE exam & Points To Ponder

Last few preparations tips for JEE exam & Points To Ponder


Last few preparations tips for JEE exam & Points To Ponder


“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”



JEE, the most coveted exam for the aspirants of an engineer. All the budding engineers will now set up for the final day. All the students are equally preparing for the exam. Candidates appearing in JEE must have some mixed feeling. But it is very significant to be in a ‘study zone’ for last few days. The remaining last week is the most influential time to gain maximum score and clear the exam with flying colors. The difference between winning and losing is the attention paid to minute things that contribute therein.

JEE Main is expected to be taken by about 14 lakh students in our 15000 centers in India and abroad. Now, the time is very limited, candidates need to figure out a consolidated plan to bring the best outcome.

Today I will tell you a comprehensive plan for last few days. There is no magic gimmick to excel the exam without proper hard work. A Smart study in last few days can surely make a difference.


  • The most frequent mistakes committed by an aspirant is to read new chapters or new books at last minute. This should be strictly ignored at the last level of your preparation. The foremost reason to follow this advice is that studying new topic will demotivate you and ultimately increase your stress.


  • The best part of any strategy is the key to success. This means the use of three R’s in last preparation tips. Read, Revise and Re-revise. You should concentrate on those topics whose weightage in the exam is high and are quite scoring also. You can revise your notes, important formulae’s which will be has helping hand in the exam.


  • When the last few days are remaining, it’s essential to analyze your strength and weakness. You can do so by giving a mock test per day, analyze and then revise. This will actually provide you an in-depth reality check of your preparation. Just ensures that you correct the mistakes you made and don’t repeat them in the actual exam which is what matters. Don’t be depressed or demoralize the bad mock test performance. Many coaching centers like IIT coaching in Indore, JEE mains coaching institute in Indore will give you an edge over your preparation.


  • Avoid late nights studies and wake up late in morning. This habit fabricates you as a lethargic person all the time. A sound sleep of 6-7 hours is essential.



  • On the D day, revise the formulae’s and theorems. Don’t read anything new before and on exam day.


  • Read all the questions carefully. It is advisable to not waste too much time on a single question. This will lead you towards the situation of panic and frustration which will affect your scores.



  • Most important have faith in yourself. Your confidence level in the exam will make the half journey easier for you.