Tips to Ace JSO Exam.

Tips to Ace JSO Exam. ( Junior Science Olympiad )


Tips to Ace JSO Exam. ( Junior Science Olympiad )        

                              Junior Science Olympiad-

A science Olympiad tests skills of a student outside of their regular school education. It is a way to assess their abilities and how well they can apply the knowledge to a set of more trickier problems. Certainly, a level higher than the annual school exams, Olympiads have a different exam pattern and contain more complex questions.

National Science Olympiad is an annual school level competitive exam conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation. The aim of the exam is to screen students of classes 1stto 12th through an advanced set of questions based on their respective class syllabus. If you appear for National Science Olympiad, the following tips will help you do better.

Section-wise Marking Scheme

1 to 4 Logical Reasoning 5 1 5
Science 25 1 25
Achievers Section 5 2 10
Total 35 40
5 to 10 Logical Reasoning 10 1 10
Science 35 1 35
Achievers Section 5 3 15
Total 50 60
11 – 12 Physics & Chemistry 25 1 25
Mathematics/Biology 20 1 20
Achievers Section 5 3 15
Total 50 60



1. Set a Study Timetable-

Studying for the National Science Olympiad alongside the regular studies can come off as a burden. It is advisable to organize your day and plan smartly in advance. If you remember the school books by heart it will be easy for you to study tougher questions for the Olympiad later.

  • Color code important information for future references
  • Divide the subject into main topics that are similar or have a follow-up
  • Prepare brief notes for a revision later
  • Memorize important theorems
  • Identify and utilize your strengths
  • Stay calm and don’t lose patience.

2. Practice Sample Papers-

It is always advisable to solve sample papers since they can give you a fair idea about the exam pattern, the types of questions, and time limit. Acquainting yourself with the above factors will improve your rank. Sample papers also frame a student’s mind, and they are more confident on the date of the exam. Don’t cheat on the clock, and be strict with the time-limit.

3. Challenge Yourself & Stay Motivated-

You should challenge yourself and set some goals. If you are still relatively young, this practice will help you immensely. Motivate yourself to be healthy physically and mentally.

  • Think ‘Out of the Box’, solve a puzzle every day
  • Read newspapers
  • Add 5 words to your vocabulary everyday
  • Do something creative; draw, paint, or learn a new hobby
  • Play a sport every day.

4. Go- Ahead With – Olympiad Previous Year Papers-

For students, who appear/ planning to take the olympiad exams have various sources online (useful sample papers). These sample papers will help you in testing your Olympiad skills. Hence, this gives you an idea regarding different questions that appear in the exam. Students can make use of resources like – Navneet Publishers and Chate sample papers for both Maths and Science preparation (maths olympiad exams and science olympiad exams).

5. Make proper use of Reference Books / Guide Books-

There are several books which are specially outlined to help students hone their skills that are required to crack the Olympiad tests. These reference/ guide books include:

a. Suggestions

b. Tips

c. Study Material

d. Test papers

All these resources will help the students to gain benefited in each topic and in each subject.

Studying well and Scoring well in these exams will help you to get trained for another substantial certificate (exams) & entrance exams like – NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) etc…