10 Exercises and Ways to Improve Brain Power

10 Exercises and Ways to Improve Brain Power


Brain is the most powerful machine than any other artificial computer and it is very much faster then computer also you just imagine that all things today we see from smartphone to supercomputer a rockets etc all are made by an human brain that’s why it is very complicated and very fast.

When we talking about human brain there are some people who suffering from manyu brain related diseases and caused due that  their brain power is not much good so in this we are mainly focus on 10 Exercises & Ways to Improve Brain Power.

You can keep your  brain active by doing regular workout because your mind (brain) also need some brain fitness workout that keep your mind active and its power improve day to day. This workout also increase you ability to think and perform multiple task at the same time.

For this you can find effective brain training games and exercises such as solving math problems to achieve greater mind fitness.

So there same effective exercise to improve your brain power:

1 Meditation

meditation is one of the best technique or process or we can also say exercise that increase your brain power when you make a habit to do mediation in daily basis then it surely increase your brain power and it also have many benefit for example it also reduce stress anxiety overthinking and lots more so make bait to do meditation at least 10 min in morning daily.

In mediation you only need to do sit in your comfortable position and close your eyes and focus on central point in your mind slowly and you notice lot of enef=gy in you d it daily for 5-10 min in morning.

2 Listen to your favourite song again and again

By listening  your favourite song again again over a period of time you learn or your brain slowly memorize the lyrics of that song and the benefit of this process is this increase your memorising capacity.

3 Solve math problems without a calculator.

This increase your calculation power and by this your calcuiton process is increase and accuracy also increase this also sharpen your brain.

4 Exercise daily.

There are many benefit of exercise for body in term of physical and also there are lot of benefit in mental level it increase your brain power because blood circulation increase so keep exercise daily

5 Remember phone numbers.

By remember phone numbers of your friends and relative you can increase your memorising power of your brain

6 Play chess

Chess is one of the best game for brain. Who want to increase their brain power must start playing chess increase your ability to think

7 Watch TED talks or A-fest talks

This are best talks by this show you learn lot of new things that how one can improve yourself and lot of new thing you learn this will help your brain too.

8 Think positively

Positive thinking is very effective thing or difficult also stay positive so keep trying to positive in every situation

9 Laugh

Best technique to active your brain and body too.

10 Dance

Join dance class because it is type of exercise that decrease your stress and increase your brain power and make you active.

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