Function Notation Formula Definition & Example

Function Notation Formula Definition & Example

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Function Notation Formula Definition & Example

Function Notation Formula Definition : The concept of functions was developed within the seventeenth century when Descartes used the thought to model mathematical relationships in his book Geometry. The term “function” was then introduced by Gottfried  Wilhelm Leibniz fifty years later after publication of Geometry.

Later, Euler formalized the usage of functions when he introduced the concept of function notation; y = f (x). it had been until 1837 when Peter Dirichlet – a German mathematician gave the fashionable Function Notation Formula Definition

Function Notation Formula Definition & Example

What is a Function Notation Formula ?

In mathematics, a function may be a set of inputs with one output in each case.Function Notation Formula Definition Every function features a domain and range. The domain is that the set of independent values of the variable x for a relation or a function is defined. In simple words, the domain may be a set of x-values that generate the important values of y when substituted within the function.

On the opposite hand, the range may be a set of all possible values that a function can produce. The range of a function are often expressed in interval notation or inform of inequalities.

What is a Function Notation?

Notation are often defined as a system of symbols or signs that denote elements like phrases, numbers, words etc.

Therefore, function notation may be a way during which a function are often represented using symbols and signs. Function notation may be a simpler method of describing a function without a lengthy written explanation.

The most frequently used function notation is f(x) which is read as “f” of “x”. during this case, the letter x, placed within the parentheses and therefore the entire symbol f(x), represent the domain set and range set respectively.

Although f is that the hottest letter used when writing function notation, the other letter of the alphabet also can be used either in upper or small letter .

Advantages of using function notation

  • Since most functions are represented with various variables such as; a, f, g, h, k etc., we use f(x) so as avoid
  • confusion on which function is being evaluated.
  • Function notation allows to spot the experimental variable with ease.
  • Function notation also helps us to spot the element of a function which has got to be examined.

Consider a linear function y = 3x + 7. to write down such function in function notation, we simply replace the variable y with the phrase f(x) to get;

f(x) = 3x + 7. This function f(x) = 3x + 7 is read because the value of f at x or as f of x.

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