All maths Formulas PDF 1300 List With Example

All maths Formulas PDF

Maths Formulas

All maths Formulas PDF 1300 List

All maths Formulas PDF – Hello Students in this article we are going to share 1300 + list download maths formulas which is you can also download in pdf. all the formulas design by the highly qualified faculty team all formulas list includes with Logarithm,  Trigonometric ration & Identities , Trigonometric equation , Trigonometric equation , Quadratic Equations , Sequences and Series , Sequences and Series and many more..

Table of Content

Sr. No. Contents Page No.
1. Logarithm 01
2. Trigonometric ration & Identities 02
3. Trigonometric equation 08
4. Quadratic Equations 10
5. Sequences and Series 13
6. Permutation & Combination 16
7. Binomial Theorem 19
8. Complex number 20
9. Determinants 24
10. Matrices 28
All maths Formulas List PDF

All maths Formulas List PDF

All maths Formulas List PDF


The logarithm of the number N to the base ‘a’ is the exponent indicating the power to which the base ‘a’ must be raised to obtain the number N. the number is designated as loga N.

(a)     loga N = x, read as log of N to the base a

If a = 10 then we write log N or log10 N and If a = e we write

In N  or  logeN (Natural log)

Note that : If the number & the base are on one side of the unity, then the logarithm is positive ; If the number & the base are on different sides of unity, then the logarithm is negative.

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A value of the unknown angle which satisfies the given equations is called a solution of the trigonometric equation.

(a)     Principal solution: the solution of the trigonometric equation lying in the interval [0, 2n].

(b)     General solution: since all the trigonometric functions are many one & periodic, hence there are infinite values of  for which trigonometric functions have the same value. All such possible values of  for which the given trigonometric function is satisfied is given by a general formula. such a general formula is called general solutions of trigonometric equation.

Consider the quadratic equation  where  then;

(i)       roots are real & distinct (unequal).

(ii)      roots are real & coincident (equal)

(iii)    roots are imaginary.

(iv)    If is one root of a quadratic equation, then the other root must be the conjugate

& vice versa .

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(a)     For equations of the type sin  = k or cos  = k, one must check that .

(b)     Avoid squaring the equations, if possible, because it may lead to extraneous solutions.

(c)     Do not cancel the common variable factor form the two sides of the equations which are in a   product because we may loose some solutions.

(d)     The answer should not contain such values of , which make any of the terms undefined or infinite.

(e)     Check that denominator is not zero at any stage while solving equations.

(f)      (I)  If tanor secis involved in the equations should not be odd multiple of

(II) If cot or cosec is involved in the equation, should not be integral multiple of .

(g)     If two different trigonometric ratios such as tan and sec  are involved then after solving we cannot apply the usual formulae for general solution because periodicities of the function arenot same.

(h)     If L.H.S of the given trigonometric equation is always less than or equal to k and R.H.S is always greater than k, then no solution exists. If both the sides are equal to k for same value of,then solution exists and if they are equal for different value of , then solution does not exist.

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