Easy ways to learn maths formulas? & Proved Techniques

Easy ways to learn maths formulas? & Proved Techniques

Maths Formulas

Easy ways to learn maths formulas? & Proved Techniques

Most of the students find maths hard, the biggest reason is enormous amount  of formulas present in it that they have to keep in mind. It is the biggest obstacle for especially those who are preparing for some kind of entrance exams like IIT JEE , NEET ,CAT etc. Here are some easy and proved techniques to learn any particular formula so that students can perform better:


  • Practice


It is one of the most obvious technique one can acquire but in this context (in formula) how can practicing make you learn formulas better? Consider a situation where you are given a problem and some particular type of formula is only the solution to that problem. If you know the formula you straightaway solve the problem but the question is if you don’t. Most probably you will check the formula again in your text book and then try to apply it. Here you go. The more you practice the more you have to revisite the formula in your mind and you will never know when it will dig up itself in your brain forever. As Marcus de sautry said in an interview to the guardian “Doing mathematics is a bit like playing sports or learning a musical instrument. You can’t do it immediately- it requires practice. Think of having a mathematical muscle in your mind that with practice gradually gets stronger.”   

  • Know the concepts

Knowing the concepts associated with formulas is one of the best remembering technique. Most of the time teacher introduce a formula to us and teachs us how to use it. That’s all. But it is totally useless. To remember the formula you must understand it. Like if I talk about the formula of Newton’s law of motion i.e

Force = mass × acceleration

You must understand it first. For instance if the mass is constant then the acceleration is directly proportional to the force applied.

  • Apart from the concepts you must also learn the derivations  of formulas. Associating formulas with concepts and derivations help you to understand deeply and with full clearity.
  •   Memory techniques
  • When we learn something new our mind make new neuron patterns in our mind. Memory techniques is the way we can make the pattern concrete. There are lots of memory techniques like mnemonics i.e create a story or a phrase to remember. Make it more weird so that it will be easy for mind to recall. It can easily apply in formulas too.
  •     Go to coaching institute

If your are preparing for entrance exams like IIT JEE or NEET etc. Coaching centre is a whole package for you. All of the above techniques will be fullfilled just by joining a famous coaching institute. If you want to practice more then coaching institute will provide you more questions on same formula. You will understand the concept associated with the formula and know how to derive it. Teachers in coaching institute will tell you lots of memory techniques for particular formulas. As I said coaching institute are advantage for a student. Just do what they tell you to do. There are many coaching institute in Indore but the best is  especially for IITJEE  if you want to enroll for any kind of preparation for any kind of exam or batch so you can check their official website . Your better self is one click away from you. Just click on the given link  and experience the transformational change in you.