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gross profit formula, every business work for profit is the excess of revenue over expenditure. it is a perimeter by which the success and the sustainability of a business are measured. A business that does not earn profits or incurs losses cannot survive. thus, profit is of utmost importance in a business. we can classify profit as gross profit and net profit. but here let us discuss the gross profit formula with solved examples in detail.

the formula of gross profit  

gross profit  = net revenue – cost of goods sold

where, revenue = sales – sales return

cost of goods sold = opening stock + purchases – purchase returns + direct expenses + direct labor – closing stock.


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steps to calculate gross profit

to calculate gross profit  follow these steps ;

1.firstly we have to find net sales and net revenue then, take a total of gross sales and deduct the same by sales return

2. then, the cost of sales include all variables cost that the company incurs while making the product or delivering the services.

3. gross profit formula would be to subtract the figure arrives.

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  • what is gross margin?

gross margin is the amount remaining after a retailer or manufacturer subtracts its cost of goods sold from its net sales. in other words, gross margin is the retailer or manufacture profit before subtracting its selling, general and administrative, and interest expenses.

gross margin can be an amount or an expense

  • An amount ( also known as gross profit )
  • A percentage of net sales ( also known as gross profit percentage or gross margin ratio.

Examples of gross margin 

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