How to study for board exams in one month.

How to study & Planning for board exams in one month.


How to study & Planning for board exams in one month.

Isn’t is so Astonishing that here we are planning to study a course of 12 Months into a month? NCERT course has been made/planned in such a way that one year(12 months) is enough to complete it along with Revision. But here are some of the tips which will help you in completing your course within a month:

1. Skimming:

As Time is limited so, you’ve to skim through your Textbook and mark the Important topics. see now you have to study smartly. so, what you can do is:

  • Important Topics= Deeply Reading, Understanding
  • Non- Important= Superficial Reading.


2. Division:

Here in the second step, you have Divide Subjects. one practical with one theoretical in advance only(Planning) the topics which you have to cover. This will help you in proper sorting and will avoid chaos through this technique you will not leave any topic.

  • DAY           SUBJECT(Practical+Therory)    TOPICS/UNITS.
  • Sunday            Maths+physics Theory             ——-
  • Monday            Physics+English                       ——-


3. Study in Small Portions:

I know you have limited time but studying continuously for long hours will only affect your health. By studying for continuously long hours you will not be able to memorize everything at a time with proper concentration. so, there should be a proper gap between your studies and Time break. It’s completely okay for you to study for an hour but i would recommend you that you should take a break of at least 1015(Min.) after studying for an hour.


4. Focus more on core Material:

Study material in a syllabus can be divided into:

  • core material
  • elaborative material.

While core material consists of important principles, theorems, formulae, important diagrams and graphs, the elaborative material consists of examples, quotes, illustrations etc. As much as 80 percent of the questions asked in an exam is likely to come from the core material. So, if you are struggling with the unfinished syllabus, concentrate on the core material of the different subjects. Moreover, study the question patterns of the last few years and make sure you are not spending too much time on topics that are highly unlikely to be asked in the exam.


5. Revision Is Compulsory:

Proper Revision will Ensure You that whatever you are studying is up to date on your mind or not. There is a famous adage:

Aage aage paath, peeche peeche sapat.

so, its to Revise things on time other you will either forget them or will eventually mug up everything.

6. Read, Record, Recite(3 R)-

This is a very effective way, first of all, you have to-

  • READ-  Read the particular topic thoroughly. It can be a particular topic or a chapter.
  • RECORD- Record the content. Hereby recording a content, i’m not talking about a sound recorder on which you have to record your voice. Rather Recording should be done in your mind which later you will have to recite.
  • RECITE- Reciting means reiterating the same thing over and over again. This process will Ensure that whatever you are studying is going on in your mind and you are memorizing it.

so, these are some of the tips which will help you in covering your Board Exam syllabus within a Month. I hope you will find these tips useful and will definitely use them while studying.