How to prepare for NDA Exam

How to prepare for NDA Exam


Officers, Soldiers who protect our country and fight bravely on the borders risking their lives for us, all of us know about them, respect them and admire them. How to be the protector? This question can be answered by the word NDA. NDA is National Defence Academy which conducts exams and recruits our vigilant officers.  Today, I will be giving certain tips to the people who want to crack the exam and join the brave ranks.

Know your Foe:


The military man always tries to know his enemy, in order to defeat him. One must try to do the same for exams. You should know about the subjects that are needed, for army after 12th you are eligible, however for Navy and Airforce, one needs Maths and Physics.

Brush your Basics:


Get a good grip over the basics of each subject. Concentrate on subjects like maths, English, physics and whatever else you find difficult. Grab hold of elementary level textbooks and study, make all conceptions clear as the mirror.

Read Newspapers:


General Knowledge is an important subject of NDA, reading the news will improve your general awareness and you will remain updated about the happenings around the world, this will boost your knowledge.

Health is Wealth:


In order to crack NDA, one must remain healthy, if at all you want to pass the physical examination. Physical and mental health both is very important for the second stage of the examination.

Develop Personality:


In order to crack the NDA, one not only needs to be a book smart but he needs to be smart on field work too. In order to test your personality, several group discussions, team projects will be given to you in the second stage of the exam, passing this stage is very crucial. Get hold of all personality books and start reading.

Early starters never Fail:


Going by the above words, one should start their preparations real advance, that way you get way more time than your competitors. Which gives you the upper hand; if you have already decided to join the ranks then you might as well start from class 10 instead of class 12.

Well these were few out of the way tips from my side, hope this helps you. Start believing before being, so behave like the military officer you want to be. Best of Luck!

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