Choosing a stream in PU can be hard. But if you’ve got your mind set on being a doctor, then consider these 10 things before going for your dream.

10. Books are man’s best friends

You may be relying on your lecture notes to get through PU, but thats about to change in college. The clinical subjects are taught to you by working doctors and trust me, they don’t have the time to explain everything in detail, even if they wanted to. Besides most of the subjects will seem very boring initially and staying awake in class is a huge challenge in itself. And who can keep notes updated when you have classes to bunk and places to explore, right?

9. Say goodbye to vacations (and holidays in general!)

Medicine is a vast field and to study that in four and a half years sounds close to impossible. This is exactly why medical colleges are very stringy with holidays. The only time you actually get a month of holidays is after first year when your graduation to second year depends on your moarks. After that, its continuous college for three and a half years. (Don’t worry, you can always mass bunk for a week after the finals.)

8. And while you’re at it, say goodbye to your sleep too

Lengthy portions means more to read before exams. When you have two books of thousand pages each (Robbins alert!) to go through two days before an exam, sleep is not an option. Tea is your saving grace – an angel in disguise.

7. There is no finish line when it comes to reading

Read, read and more reading. That is the motto of every medico. You would never meet a medical student who claims to have finished preparing for the exams. Because if you finish one book, there are three more standard books waiting for you. There’s no end to reading. Even established doctors need to be up-to-date with the recent discoveries in medicine as it is a dynamic and ever-evolving subject.

6. The facebook posts you saw comparing grandparents to graduated doctors… They’re true!

Let’s do the math. MBBS is a four and a half year subject. There is a one year internship after that. And assuming you got into the college under the government quota, you need to do another year of rural service. And then there is three years of PG (because let’s face it, a PG degree is a must these days) And then there’s a couple of years of super specialisation and atleast five years to gain a bit of name and experience. That’s around 15 years of trying to establish yourself, assuming you get a NEET and PG seat on your first try. I rest my case.

5. This is the first step to being a hypochondriac

After reading so many types of diseases it’s common to think that you’ve got a few. A headache makes you think of hemorrhages and being out of breath after walking makes you think of asthma. Prepare to get mini heart attacks regarding your health once a while.

4. Communication is the key

No matter how much you mug up your answers what ultimately matters as a doctor is the way you talk to a patient. The three C’s – Confidence, Communication and Common sense – take you a long way in this career. Even university toppers can be bad doctors because they don’t know how to apply their knowledge in a practical environment.

3. Meet some amazing people who know how to study and party

Medical college is filled with students who have a passion to learn and at the same time, enjoy their college life too. From finding your study buddy to having a bunking partner, a medical college can give you all kinds of people.

2. The respect you receive from friends, family (and even strangers!) is immense

Joining a medical college is a matter of pride. You will feel the happiness when a patient in your hospital postings calls you Doctor or your dad tells the shopkeeper down the street that you are studying medicine. That feeling is irreplacable.

1. Getting that “DOCTOR” title is worth all of it

Yes, there may be no holidays. Yes there may be a lot to read. Yes you may be admitted to the hospital a day before your exams after a breakdown. But after four and a half years, when you stand on that stage and receive your degree, you will realise that it was worth all of it – every bit of the pain, struggle and happiness.

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