How to Become Stronger in Biology for NEET Exam?

How to Become Stronger in Biology for NEET Exam?


The first question student ask about NEET exam is “Is cracking NEET exam difficult?”. Well, its not that difficult. For cracking NEET, you have to invest quality time and effort in preparation with a proper schedule. The key to cracking NEET is biology, 90 out of 180 objective questions of NEET exam are from biology, 45 questions from chemistry and 45 questions from physics. Most of the questions of biology are from NCERT.

Let’s break it down for you,


  • Evaluate your current position
    Figure out which chapters you have studied well or interests you the most. These chapters would be your strong point. Become expert in these chapters conceptually and logically.
  • Figure out Chapters which are important for NEET
    Analyze previous year’s NEET question papers and figure out which of the chapters are most important. Consult your tutors and Coaching institutes for important chapters. The next step would be to study these chapters thoroughly.
  • Focus on one Chapter at a time and stick to your schedule
    Trying to learn many chapters or concepts at a time will only create confusion, so study severally.
  • Practice, practice and practice
    Practice will make you perfect, so try to cover up as many questions as possible daily which will eventually lead you to become expert in that topic.
  • Time Management
    Time plays an important role in any exam. Get the best study material, follow up a good schedule covering each topics, which will save you a lot of time. Good coaching institute have their study material specially designed to cover the syllabus with a good schedule and also evaluate you on regular basis.
  • Evaluate yourself
    After completing each chapter, evaluate yourself. Evaluation will lead to examine your weakness. You will be able to work on these weakness.

Other guidelines


  • Get good books to study. NCERT is the best recommended book by most of the teachers. But you may get reference book of your choice which you feel comfortable reading. You may also get specially designed study materials provided by Coaching Institutes, and some of the question banks and previous year’s papers are also to be considered for becoming expert in the subject.
  • Go with the easy chapters first, such as human physiology, ecology and environment etc. or chapter which you think is easy.
  • For connected chapter such as genetics and biotechnology, start from beginning and as you progress further everything will be clear to you, then progress through biotechnology.
  • Do example problems and exercises of NCERT of each chapter.
  • Even though you are not asked to draw diagrams in exam, but you must study diagrams and figures, as diagrams based question might be asked in exam.
  • As you progress through your study it is better to prepare a quick revision notes which would help you quickly revise the chapters at the last moment.
  • Don’t become hasty, if you have less time to prepare, then be selective and select important topics to study and omitting less important ones, which will be more beneficial rather than making hodgepodge of things.
  • And a last moment revision will get you an edge.

Hope you enjoyed reading the post. My next post will be posted soon.
—Arman Alam, wishing you all the best for your Exams.

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