Improve Organic Chemistry Its Formula Book & Compounds

Improve Organic Chemistry Its Formula Book & Compounds

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Improve Organic Chemistry Its Formula Book & Compounds

Chemistry is good, but sometimes things get tricky, especially Organic Chemistry. So if you are sitting for the IIT, then it will be really difficult for you when you have your weak point as Organic Chemistry. The main thing which comes into mind is that you need to improve your Chemistry. Today I am here to help you with that.

Formula Book: You will have to make a formula book, where you must write down all the important formulas. This formula book will help you keep all the relevant formulae together.

Revise: You must revise the materials again and again then you will know all the things by heart.

Know Bonds: You must know all the bonds, pi, sigma, etc. Bonds are really essential for compounds, there are a number of complicated bonds within carbon and hydrocarbon compounds.

Compounds: There are a number of compounds in organic chemistry, carbon which is one of the main elements can several forms due to its unique feature of allotrophy. There are also aromatic and non-aromatic compounds.

Reactions: The names of reactions are very important, there are several kinds with a number of different names, Adams catalyst and Acylation are few among many.

Mock Tests: Take mock tests, this will not only help you learn things by heart but also will help you know your fault areas.

Mistakes: Write down your mistakes, if you note all the mistakes that you are making then you will stop repeating them.

Good Books: Find some books will give a great understanding of the fundamentals of Organic Chemistry.

Basics: You must go back to your basics. If the basics of organic chemistry are clear then you will form a firm base regarding the subject.

These are some of the things which will make better at Organic Chemistry. Continue doing these and you will be a pro in no time.