Easiest Way To Memorize The Periodic Table. & its Procedure

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Easiest Way To Memorize The Periodic Table. & its Procedure

Whether you have a test coming up or just want to learn something new, the periodic table of elements is a helpful tool to know. Memorizing all 118 elements may seem tricky, especially since each one has a unique symbol and atomic number. Fortunately, if you start early, you can learn a few elements every day. Mnemonic devices, phrases, will boost your memory while making studying enjoyable. If you’re ready to test your skills, try a few games or even draw a table completely from memory.



  • You should be familiar with the names and symbols of all the elements because we will mug-up the symbols only.
  • Knowing the atomic number of a few common elements is required for self-correction (in case you forget something here n there)
  • Enthusiasm


The trick is to go for the phonetics of the symbols instead of the name.
I divided the table into  14 parts-


  1. Alkali metals- column IA (HLiNaKRbCsFr)
  2. Alkali earth metals- column IIA (BeMgCaSrBaRa)
  3. Transition metals- row 4 (ScTiVCrMn FeCoNiCuZn)
  4. Transition metals- row 5 (YZrNbMoTcRuRhPdAgCd)
  5. Transition metal- row 6 (LaHfTaWReOsIrPtAuHg)
  6. Transition metals- row 7 (Ac UnqUnpUnhUnsUnoUneUnn)
  7. Noble Gases, poor metals and non metals- row 1 (He)
  8. Noble Gases, poor metals and non metals-row 2 (BCNOFNe)
  9. Noble Gases, poor metals and non metals – row 3 (AlSiPSClAr)
  10. Noble Gases, poor metals and non metals- row 4 (GaGeAsSeBrKr)
  11. Noble Gases, poor metals and non metals –row 5 (InSnSbTeIXe)
  12. Noble Gases, poor metals and non metals -row 6 (TlPbBiPoAtRn)
  13. Lanthanide series-(CePrNdPmSmEuGd TbDyHoErTmYbLu)
  14. Actinide series- (ThPaUNpPuAmCmBk CfEsFmMdNoLr)

Then I memorized these words (in bold above) in sequence as if it were a song in some martian language.

Now, just arrange these words in their respective rows and columns of the periodic table (Be careful with ScTiVCrMnFeCoNiCuZn. Its the 4th row).
You’re done.

  • It might look like a humongous task but just start saying the words (It’s better if you write it too). It took me 2 hours to get a good grasp.
  • Repeat it twice a day for 34 days and you’ll be perfect.
  • If you repeat it once a week like a song for 4-5 weeks, you will be teaching it to your grandchildren.

                       Another Way:


Vertically Down:

Group 1:
HaLiNa(halina) KabR(b)(kabar) SCe(say) Fraar

Group 2:
Beta MangCaScooter Baap Razi

Now, Horizontally (Group 3-12), Periodwise in D-Block

Period 3:
Science T(i)eacher Very Cruel Mangay Fees Copy Nahi Cumini(kameeniZalim
[Inappropriate I know, alternative welcome]

Period 4:
Yari ZarNibhana Mout Tac Rukawat Rah Pde (toh) Aag (pe se) Cudo (koodo)

Period 5:
La Hafta Warna Re Osama Idhar Pitai AuHogi

Back to Vertically, Group 14 onwards:

Group 13:
Bengan AlGajar In Thaila

Group 14:
Cahein Sita Ge SunPrabhu

Group 15:
Nana Papa Asif Sab Bimar

Group 16:
(uss)OS Se(say) TePo(taypo)

Group 17:
FaCl(fasal) BarI Ata

Group 18:(my favorite)
HeNarayeArjun KarXerox Ramayan

so, this way another way through which you can easily memorize the periodic table. I hope you find these way helpful.