All about Regional mathematics Olympiad (RMO) Exam.

RMO exam

All about Regional mathematics Olympiad (RMO) Exam.              

                  Regional mathematics Olympiad-


The Regional Mathematics Olympiad (RMO) is conducted in India by the National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM) in coordination with the state universities registered under the UGC, under the guidance and association of Homi Bhaba Centre for Science Education (HBCSE). The exam tests an aspirant’s problem-solving ability at a young age (undergraduate level).

  • Age and educational qualification: Usually students of class 9 through 12 are eligible for the RMO. The Regional Coordinator at his/her discretion can allow a student of class 8 in case of exceptional talent.
  • Importance of the RMO: Gives recognition to skills and knowledge of the candidate and adds to the list of credentials while selection for studying abroad or clearing an interview.
  • How and where to enroll: Enroll for the RMO in one of the 27 listed regions to which you belong. Visit the following URL to contact the Coordinator for your region:
  • Notifications: For important announcements and dates of exam of different regions, visit
  • Preparation time: Regular study of 1-2 hours a day for 4-5 days a week for around six months is recommended to crack the RMO with a good score.

Exam Structure-

RMO has six or seven problems that students have to solve in three hours. The syllabus for RMO basically covers pre-degree college mathematics. The major areas covered in the syllabus are algebra, geometry, number theory and combinatorics. Calculus and statistics are not within the scope of the exam but students are allowed to use approaches based on them to solve problems.

The questions generally have high difficulty level and sophistication which only increase from RMO to INMO to IMO.

One should go through Regional Mathematical Olympiad past year papers as well as Regional Mathematical Olympiad sample papers to fully understand what is to be expected in the exam.


Syllabus for Mathematics Olympiads-


  • Syllabus for Mathematics Olympiads (regional, national and international) is class 9th to 12thstandard mathematics.
  • The typical areas of problems are: number theory,algebra, geometry, and combinatorics.
  • The topics covered under these areas are:
    number systems, geometry, arithmetic of integers,quadratic equations and expressions, co-ordinate geometry, trigonometry,systems of linear equations, factorisation of polynomials, permutations and combinations,inequalities, probability theory,elementary combinatorics,  number theory, complex numbers, elementary graph theory and , infinite series.
  • The syllabus does not include statistics and calculus.
  • Though the syllabus is roughly spread over class IX to class XII levels, still the problems under each topic are of an exceptionally high level in difficulty and sophistication as compared to the text book problems.
  • The difficulty level keeps increasing from RMO to INMO to IMO.