Syllabus of RMO Exam?

Syllabus of RMO Exam? ( Regional Mathematics Exam )

RMO exam

Syllabus of RMO Exam? ( Regional Mathematics Exam )                  

Regional Mathematics Exam- (RMO)


Mathematical Olympiads are mainly organized to spot mathematical talent in pre-University students. Regional Mathematical Olympiad (RMO) held in India is the first step for an Indian student to get a chance to represent India in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) – the world championship mathematics competition for high school students.

Those who clear Regional Mathematical Olympiad are eligible to sit for the Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO), which is conducted by the Mathematical Olympiad (MO) Cell of the Homi Bhabha Centre of the Science Education (HBCSE) under the aegis of the National Board of Higher Mathematics (NBHM).



You should have a brief idea of all the topics listed below, it is the syllabus provided by HBCSE for mathematical olympiad.

The syllabus for Mathematical Olympiad (regional, national and international) is pre-degree college mathematics. The areas covered are-

  • arithmetic of integers,
  • geometry,
  • quadratic equations and expressions,
  • trigonometry,
  • co-ordinate geometry,
  • system of linear equations,
  • permutations and combination,
  • factorization of polynomial,
  • inequalities,
  • elementary combinatorics,
  • probability theory and number theory,
  • finite series and complex numbers and elementary graph theory.


  • The syllabus does not include calculus and statistics. The major areas from which problems are given are-
  • algebra,
  • combinatorics,
  • geometry and number theory


  •  The syllabus is in a sense spread over Class XI to Class XII levels, but the problems under each topic involve high level of difficulty and sophistication. The difficulty level increases from RMO to INMO to IMO.]

Just focus on the important topics from which the question comes the most as listed.

However there is no prescribed syllabus for RMO but the exam always focus on pre calculus mathematics, which includes following chapters-

  • Number Theory
  • Geometry
  • Inequality
  • Combinatorics (permutation and combination) and
  • Pre algebra.


However RMO qestion paper generally or most of the times(20/30) contains 2 geometry problem,1 number Theory,1combinotorics,1 inequality and 1 qestion either a mix of number Theory and algebra or number Theory and combinatorics.

  • Syllabus for Mathematics Olympiads (regional, national and international) is class 9th to 12thstandard mathematics.
  • The typical areas of problems are: number theory,algebra, geometry, and combinatorics.
  • The topics covered under these areas are: number systems, geometry, arithmetic of integers,quadratic equations and expressions, co-ordinate geometry, trigonometry,systems of linear equations, factorisation of polynomials, permutations and combinations,inequalities, probability theory,elementary combinatorics,  number theory, complex numbers, elementary graph theory and , infinite series.
  • The syllabus does not include statistics and calculus.
  • Though the syllabus is roughly spread over class IX to class XII levels, still the problems under each topic are of an exceptionally high level in difficulty and sophistication as compared to the text book problems.
  • The difficulty level keeps increasing from RMO to INMO to IMO.