How to maintain a balance between social life and studies

How to maintain a balance between social life and studies?


How to maintain a balance between social life and studies

Life is a lot about planning and managing the time which means striking a perfect balance between the studies and social life at least in the career of students. Numerous choice of social networking sites has spoilt not only the students but also the adults, commanding more and more of their valuable time being invested in surfing and scrolling on this sites rather than will investing it more fruitfully.

Law of diminishing returns is applicable in every spare of life so if a student keeps on studying for long hours without taking a break then it is obvious that their productivity in form of result they secure, will diminish. One has to strike balance among various activities that provide some recreational time between hectic studying schedules. This recreational time period could be in the form of chatting with friends, eating outside, shopping, cleaning, sleeping etc.

Being active on social media is one such stress buster for many students who find scrolling on their handsets and looking at the update of their friends and families and commenting on them as one of the favorite time passes. The habit is not bad, but constraints are needed so that one doesn’t get addicted to this habit of socializing on the internet and putting aside the academic.

Few tips for maintaining the balance between social life and academic hour:

  • Resist the temptation

One should not get addicted to surfing this social media on the internet rather it should be treated as only the path which could lead them to refreshment.

2) Setting the priorities and scheduling the time

Student life is all about time management and one should be clear about what needs more focus for the achievement of long-term goals. The student should structure the time and keep the deadlines in the mind so that they can achieve their goals within the prescribed time period rather than lingering out.

3) The healthy mind in a healthy body

Prolong Surfing internet on laptops or phones could be a stress for eyes which should be avoided. One should know the limits and should realize them while surfing because once the time has elapsed it could not be reverted back.

4) Student for Once is a student for the lifetime

Although there is no perfect formula for balancing the social life under academic the person who really wants to achieve their goal can develop the habit of Self Discipline that is much needed and should decrease the impulsiveness to surf the internet unnecessarily.

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